Hard drive encryption is an integral step for anyone looking to secure their data. It is a process which will go a step beyond regular password security and will ensure that a hard drive remain secure only to the user. However, it is important to note that once a hard drive is encrypted, ITS can not remove the encryption so any files that cannot be accessed may remain that way until the user themselves can access them. 

There are both paid and free software for macOS and Windows and they are listed below.

Note: Drive encryption may require you to format your drive which would result in data loss. Always back up data prior to performing a reformat.

Apple FileVault 

Use FileVault to encrypt your Mac

Microsoft Windows BitLocker 

BitLocker for Windows

Alternative Encrypting Applications. 

If the default operating system encryption methods don't work for you or you want something a little more secure or efficient, there are a few other third-party applications out there for your convenience. Some recommendations include:

Link to GNU Privacy Guard web page (Windows, OSX, Linux) - Free

Link to 7-Zip web page (Windows) - Free

Link to AxCrypt web site (Windows) - Free

Please note

Please note that opting for a third-party encryption application may result in you needing to work specifically with the developer for assistance if something happens with the encryption where you cannot access or locate your data. ITS is not responsible for any data lost or encrypted in a way that makes it unusable.