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As of July 15, 2020, Kaltura is the University’s official video repository tool. Although Ensemble will continue to be available through the Spring 2021 semester, any new content should be created in Kaltura.  

Ensemble media owners are encouraged to transfer their content to Kaltura. Detailed instructions are available on the Transferring Ensemble Media to Kaltura.

Ensemble Decommission Details

ITS has created a timeline of events and outlines each item and any supporting documents.



Ensemble User Access ChangeChanging user access from Collaborator to Editor. This will remove the ability to add content to Ensemble Video and leaves the ability to manage existing content. For more details: ITSCM-4005


Add a Banner to the Ensemble SystemAdd a banner to the top of the Ensemble system to remind users that the system is being decommissioned.


Restrict User AccessChanging user access and restricting access to all the users that are currently set in an Editor role. At this time, most users will not have access to the Ensemble system.
5/16/2022Wowza Service shutdownShutting down Wowza service to prevent streaming from Ensemble and direct inquiries about moving to Kaltura
 7/15/2022Server shutdown - PROD, Wowza, and SQL - ITSCM-4460

Shutdown of Ensemble webserver and database server along with Wowza server.

Final decommission (removal and deletion of content) of servers will be 7/15/2023.  At that point there is no ability to recover content from Ensemble.

Ensemble Video logo

About Ensemble

The Ensemble Video Platform works in concert with users and systems across your organization to enable video sharing and video content management of an ever-increasing flow of video content. Ensemble Video helps to streamline lecture capture, manage video content and publish videos to Blackboard, Cascade,  web pages, and more. Learn more at

Account Information

Syracuse University users with an Ensemble account can log in by visiting and using their NetID and password

**Note that accounts are not provided automatically. If you require an account, please please contact your academic or administrative support personnel. Additional account or general questions can be sent to

How to Use Ensemble

Need to learn how to use Ensemble? Ensemble has provided a full list of tutorials including how-to videos found on the Ensemble User Guides home page


For full features of Ensemble Video, please visit the Ensemble full features page.

key features within ensemble includes lecture capture, recorder extension, etc.key ensemble features continued, includes video to many devices and mobile appskey ensemble features further continued, includes youtube integration, reporting, and securitymore features of ensemble includes video quizzes and accessibility

For full features of Ensemble Video, please visit the Ensemble full features page.

Ensemble Chrome Recorder Extension (Screen Capture Extension)

In Google Chrome, Ensemble has an extension that you can add that allows you to record your screen and either upload the final video to Ensemble or download it directly to your device. Below is a tutorial on how to get set up.


Captioning Questions

Need to caption your videos? Full details and available options at Syracuse University can be found on the Video Captioning Resources page.

Need Help?

We recommend starting with Ensemble tutorials and support guides which can be found on the Ensemble support home page.

For general Ensemble questions, send an email to

As always, don't hesitate to contact the ITS Help Desk at 315.443.266 or email

Source: Please note that the information displayed and provided here has been copied from resources, and may be subject to change depending on status and affiliation with the college.


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