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Within Frevvo, users are able to export their form submission data to Excel (.csv file). In order to have the Excel export contain submission data, each individual field must be designated as a Searchable Field

Do not use the Submissions (legacy) view when viewing and managing form submission data. This is the old method to view and manage submission data, and will be removed in the future.

Exporting To Excel

After a field has been designated as a Searchable Field, the data from the field's submissions will be included in the Excel export. Follow the steps below to export to Excel. Ensure that all desired fields that data is to be retrieved from are set as Searchable Fields in the form editor.

  1.  Log in with an account able to view submission data on a form
  2. Navigate into the desired application that contains the form, then select View Submissions on the appropriate form using the vertical ellipsis

    Do NOT select Submissions (legacy)!

  3. If a particular set of data is desired to be exported, specify in the Submissions Filter section. Otherwise, leave as is to export all data. 
  4. Select Download to download the Excel file