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Expressions Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Expressions?

Expressions is a Syracuse University service that allows anyone in the SU community to create their own website. Customized WordPress sites are a quick and simple way to create an online presence. Make a site, upload a theme, and start expressing yourself online.

How do I get a site?

Signing up is easy. Go to and log in using your Netid and password.

Who can get a site?

Expressions is available for everyone in the Syracuse University community who has a Netid and password.

How can I use my Expressions site?
Expressions is a quick simple way of creating and maintaining an online presence. You can create a blog, website, portfolio, class discussion site, or even just host your contact information. It's up to you.

How much space do I have?

Expressions is designed to accommodate your website. Individual sites will host up to 2GB while faculty sites for academic purposes host up to 5GB. If you need additional space for academic work please contact ITS at

How long do I get to keep my site?

You can keep your site for as long as you want. ITS ensures that if Expressions is ever replaced you will be given the option to use the new service.

New to WordPress and want to learn more

Can I install plugins and themes?

Expressions is powered by WordPress, which offers a wide selection of themes and plugins that you can install. Additionally, you may upload your own customized themes and plugins.
*ITS monitors sites for known, malicious code and reserves the right to remove a theme or plugin that would compromise our systems.

What makes Expressions different from other WordPress sites?

First of all, with your Netid and password you are already half way to having your free Expressions site. Also, having a website securely hosted on Syracuse University servers is a professional way of marketing yourself.

Is my site backed up?

While ITS does back up the server hosting all of the Expressions sites, in the event of a major server problem individuals are responsible for backing up their own sites.

What if my department wants an Expresssions site?

Faculty or Departments that want an Expressions site should contact ITS at 315-443-2677, or email

What if I want to delete my site and start over?

If you want to delete your site and start over please email

What are the different levels of Expressions

1. Expressions: built for the SU individual.
2. Expressions Pro: customized for SU groups and departments.

Still have more questions for ITS?

Give ITS a call at 315-443-2677, or email

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