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In order to provide the best possible platform and service, Online Platforms:

-Provides login integration with LDAP (your netid and password).

By default, when you browse to you will be prompted with an Online Platforms authentication screen where you may use the same netid/password that you use to authenticate to other SU services such as Blackboard and MySlice. Users may add additional SU users to their sites using our custom Users > "Add New SU User," available in the WordPress administrative panel. Local WordPress users may still be added via Users > "Add New."


-Installs and configures Akismet.

By default, your site will come with Akismet installed and activated using Syracuse University's Akisemt license key. Fighting spam comments will not only save your inbox from comment moderation notifications, it will also help protect your site from malicious code traveling in comments.


-Pushes WordPress core updates to your site.

Online Platforms will automatically push core updates to your site as they are made available from WordPress.


-Maintains a site backup of each site.

In conjunction with our Core Infrastructure team, Online Platforms maintain a backup of each site which can be restored if necessary. Users with more specific backup needs are encouraged to contact Online Platforms directly by emailing



In order to ensure maximum performance and continued functionality within our environment, Online Platforms does not allow any site to disconnect completely from ldap, uninstall Akismet, run at a different WordPress version than our single supported version, or exempt itself from our backup schedule. Any questions or concerns can be directed to us by emailing


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