How to embed form actions to the form

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  • This page will illustrate how to add form actions to the form.

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner


  • Form Actions make it easier to configure what happens to the data when a user submits your form and what the users see after submitting the form.
  • Click on My Applications.
  • Click the New button in the upper right corner of the page.  
  • Select a Template, Theme and Form settings.  Then click Finish.
  • In the form creation window, click on the Form Action tab.

  • Below window will appear.

  • Thus you can:
    1. Close the window:
    2. Display some message after the user submits the form.
    3. Take the user to some other web-page.
    4. If the form is for business purpose, you can take user to the PayPal to complete the payment.
    5. To send the form to some URL after submission.

For eg: You want to display a message to the user after submitting the form as Thank you for submitting the form. Department will contact you once the form is processed.

  1. Once the form is ready, go to Form Action,and select the option: Display message when user submits your form.
  2. Below window will open up:
  3. You can type in the message in the Message area.
  4. In Control section, you can specify any of the fields on the form such as full name, of cell phone number etc. Here we will select full name to be displayed on the message.
  5. Once the user hits submit on the form below window will appear:
  6. Similarly other options can be used to direct your form page to some other page. In that case you may need to provide the URL for the next page.

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