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There are a number of ways to integrate forms into Orange Tracker (OT) in order to submit issue tickets. Using forms to submit issues in your OT project can help you customize the data being sent from your customers. This can produce a uniform issue with the required data that your team needs to complete the task. This document will outline the tools and general process for setting up a form to submit into OT.

If you need further assistance in setting up any of these processes for your OT project, please let us know at

Form Tools


Frevvo has the ability to email the form to your Orange Tracker project. By using your OT project's email address, the form can create an issue ticket for your team.

At the top of the form there is a book icon: A picture of the book icon is shown This icon controls what happens to the form data. Click this in order click on the "Email data to a specified address".

An Email Submission window will be displayed. Please enter your project email address into the To: field.

Also, if you capture the netid or email address for the user, you can use it in the From: field. This allows OT to use this data and make that user the Reporter of the issue, eliminating your OT Consultants to choose the Reporter once the issue is created.

A screenshot of the setting where the email can be set is shown

The next screen will allow you to edit the Subject and Message of the email being sent. You can enter any form data you capture by using {itemName}. For example, if you have a checkbox item named "chkboxDevices", you may use {chkboxDevices} in your Message window to display the value/s the user selected.

Once complete, select the Finish button to finish the setup.


Qualtrics has the ability to email the form to your Orange Tracker project. Qualtrics also can utilize Orange Tracker's API calls to create an issue. The API allows you to be more custom with creating the issue. Assigning the issue, adding attachments, and selecting components are just a few items you can do with the API.


Using the Tools pull-down and select Triggers, and Email Triggers.

A screenshot of the customizable Qualtrics email form is shown

Enter in the OT project email address into the To Email Address: field.

If you capture the netid or email address for the user, you can use it in the Reply-To Email: field. This allows OT to use this data and make that user the Reporter of the issue.

You can add any data from Qualtrics into the Message of the email, including the question asked and the answers selected by the user.


API calls use Orange Tracker's built-in functions to create a ticket. This function allows issues to be created with additional fields, like components and custom fields.

Within Qualtrics, a Web Service is created to make the API call to Orange Tracker. This is typically done after the End of Survey block. A service account must be set up with the Orange Tracker team to use for this form.

You'll need to use an URL to Orange Tracker and the service account.

Body parameters will need to be formatted correctly.

Outside of the Components field, these are the required fields in order to create an issue.

This API function also allows creating an SSO Authentication to capture the username, first name, last name, and email address from the user's Shibboleth account. This allows the form to capture user information and auto-populate fields instead of asking the user for their username, when the SSO already has it.

In order to use this API functions, you'll need to contact ITS at We will help set up these features within your form and ensure the information is set up.

Issue Collector

An issue collector allows you to embed a form in a web page or Answers page to easily create issue tickets in your OT project. This allows you to guide users in creating issues in your project and have them fill out the correct fields within the issue. Issue Collectors can use custom fields and can automatically capture the user name and email address if needed.

This is an example of an issue collector that displays some custom text and will generate an issue with our OT project:

A screenshot of the issue collector setup fields are shown

Issue Collector Setup

In order to set up an issue collector, a project manager will have to create the collector. For more information on setting up an issue collector, please go to the following page:

Issue Collector Submissions

After an issue collector has been set up, users can start generating tickets within the project the collector was created in. Depending on how it was setup, there are a few things to note about the submissions. 

  • If an issue collector was setup to use the Attempt to match user session of submitter or submitter email address option, it will always attempt to grab the session user. It will do so when a user is logged into Answers, even if you select the Not you? option!
  • If an issue collector was setup to use the Always use Issue Reporter option, it will always use the user specified in the field prior as the the Reporter. You can modify the reporter in the Orange Tracker issue after the issue has been created to reflect the actual Reporter.  
  • When an issue is created through the issue collector, it will automatically come through with a label in the format: issuecollector-<collectorID>. This allows you to keep track and report on issues generated by the issue collector.

For more information on building an Issue Collector, please contact ITS at