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Frevvo Forms Service to End

Syracuse University will continue licensing Frevvo, until the end of the Fall 2024 semester.  Please see Frevvo Forms Decommission December 2024 for more information and action required.

Frevvo is a forms and flows application available to Faculty and Staff at Syracuse University. It is intended for simple, single-use forms and flows, and basic data collection. See below if you believe you have a process that would be considered complex. 

Advanced Forms and Flows

Frevvo is not built to handle or work with enterprise data or highly complex flows. If you have a form and/or flow that is more complicated, please contact us so that we may be able to provide better solutions by sending an email to

Requesting Access

Everyone has an account to log into Frevvo, allowing them to fill out authenticated forms. However, in order to create and/or edit forms, the application administrators need to grant form designer access. To request access, staff and faculty should contact their department's IT support team.

For additional information you can send an email to

Users who have been provided access can log in at

Frevvo v10 - Help & How To

Reference any of the pages below for help on using Frevvo.