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The universal tenant is a new LDAP tied tenant in Frevvo, called SUFS. This allows for simpler login and more advanced permissions on your forms. This also removes the need to specify the tenant with your username, as using your NetID alone will default to logging into the SUFS tenant. See below for more information and frequently asked questions pertaining to the new universal tenant.


What Does SUFS Mean? 

SUFS is an acronym for Syracuse University Forms Service.

How Do I Log Into SUFS? 

Navigate to, then login with your NetID and password.

What Happened To All Of My Existing Forms? 

When you log in with just your NetID and password, you will be logged into SUFS. As it is a separate tenant from which you have regularly been using, your forms in other tenants still exist, but will not appear here. The forms that exist in your other tenant(s) will still function. You will still be able to login and manage those forms in your other tenant(s) until further notified.

If you do not see your forms, be sure that you are logging into the correct tenant. If your forms exist outside of the SUFS tenant, ensure that you are still logging in with the username@tenant format. 

In order to bring over all your forms to the new tenant, you can follow the guide on the Migrating Forms And Applications To The Universal Tenant Answers page. 

How Do I Migrate My Forms Over To SUFS? 

You can follow the guide on the Migrating Forms And Applications To The Universal Tenant Answers page to start the migration. 

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