Redesigned User Interfaces

  • Redesigned Form and Document Action Wizard UI (TIP-19873)

    • More intuitive names for file type options in all frevvo wizards (TIP-20878)

    • Control names now referenced in all frevvo Wizards instead of labels (TIP-21708)
  • Redesigned intuitive Form/Flow Properties wizards. Settings, Style, Form/Doc Actions and Access Control are now individual tabs in the Forms Properties wizard. (TIP-23066, TIP-22777)

  • Ability to edit the Flow Step name in the Properties Panel (TIP-24788)

  • New Form steps added to a flow are automatically named "Step #' and the form name is set to "Form #" while pulling an existing form into a flow names the step "Step#" but retains the original name. (TIP - 24955)
  • New on-demand Help button on each tab of the Flow Step Properties displays a helpful tour of the features in that section. This feature is only available for Cloud customers. (TIP-23506)
  • Visual Rule Builder 
    • Rule enable checkbox moved to Rule Editor Canvas (TIP-16635)
    • Rule Editor is now automatically expanded when you create a new rule. It is no longer necessary to click the pencil icon to define the rule. (TIP-23781) 

Form Styling Improvements



Flow Designer Improvements

Flow Step Properties

Task List

  • View your Tasks: Users can review the tasks they completed. [TIP-18070]
  • The Task List no longer automatically refreshes every 5 minutes.[TIP-22916]
  • Tasks performed by Anonymous Users:

Refresh Searchable Fields

    • Designers, administrators or anyone given the Edit form/flow permission can initiate a Refresh Searchable Fields process for Individual Forms/Flows to update existing submissions for changes to Searchable Fields. This no longer requires Admin privileges. [TIP-22332]
    • Refresh Searchable Fields table shows if the process was run for all tenants or a specific tenant. [TIP-20309]


  • It is no longer necessary to enter a single space in a Message control that is used as a spacer in a form/flow. Message controls can now be set to an empty string. [TIP-22186]

  • Doc Action post failures now include the Server name. [TIP-22759]

  • Visual Rule Builder now generates code for itemAdded if a rule contains repeating controls. [TIP-23061]

  • Template syntax expanded to force Live Forms to use the value instead of the label in the Options URL for Selection Controls. [TIP-21788], (#21830)
  • Flow designer functionality is not supported in the Internet Explorer 11 browser. [TIP-23110]