A shared mailbox can be set up to receive requests for your Orange Tracker project using a friendly @syr.edu email address.  Basic email messaging is always part of an OT project and requires an email address with the format of: <projectkey>@su-jsm.atlassian.net

Issues will then be created from emails sent to the email addresses with the following fields completed:

Email FieldIssue Field
Body of email



New Shared Mailbox Setup

A shared mailbox can be created by an individual with DMC access using the generic account form.  Information from IDM about generics and the request process can be found here  - Generic Accounts (aka Vanity)


  1. Within DMC, choose 'Request Generic Account' from the menu
  2. Account type for the requested account must be 'Shared Mailbox' from the drop down.  All other options are based on needs of the unit.
  3. After the account has been approved, log into the mailbox and setup forwarding to your project email address.   Forwarding instructions are outlined here.

With forwarding configured, no mailbox permissions or access are required to be assigned as all email will route to the email address entered during forwarding setup.

Existing Generic Account Conversion to Shared Mailbox (SUMail)

This process eliminates request submission through the @ot.syr.edu email address. 

A large amount of generic accounts route mail to an @ot.syr.edu email address. This address goes to a local mail server, then gets forwarded to the related @su-jsm.atlassian.net project. Updating the generic account to a Shared Mailbox (SUMail) provides a more streamlined and manageable approach to routing mail through a friendly @syr.edu address into Orange Tracker. 

To convert:

  1. Submit email request to your respective area's IT support
  2. Include the desired mail forward destination (<projectkey>@su-jsm.atlassian.net) and the desired display name (what will display in the SUMail address book)

Email Troubleshooting

Once the generic account has been converted to a Shared Mailbox, verify that requests can be received. If not, incorrect setup will be diagnosable through the email logs. If there are REJECTED appearing in the logs due to Auto-Reply, verify that the forwarding rules are set up correctly, as per Enable Forwarding in SUMail