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You can set up a generic generic account to receive requests for your Orange Tracker project.  Basic email messaging is always part of an OT project and requires an email address with the format of <projectkey> New issues will then be created from emails sent to the email addresses with the following fields completed:

Email FieldIssue Field
Body of email


To set up the generic account, do the following:

1)  Request a  generic/vanity account using the generic account request form.  See Generic Accounts (aka Vanity).  You must be sure to specify that the generic account should route to Orange Tracker Routing (Email Type).  It is recommended the generic account name match the Orange Tracker Project Key, but this is not required.  The requested generic/vanity account does have to route (or Redirect) to the Orange Tracker project email address (<projectkey>   No email account needs to be set up for this.  No account login is required for this.