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It is unknown why some webpages will not finish, whether it be something on the webpage that causes the scanning engine to freeze or if the scanning engine itself is the culprit. But in the case that it does or if you would just like to see your result immediately without waiting for a lengthy scan to finish, follow these instructions to end your scan and receive the results.

How to tell if your scan is Finished (and stalled)

  1. Click on the Status link (text that says Running) of your scan
     Compliance Sheriff Scan Log View
  2. If the last entry say Total: ###### msec
    1. That means that you scan was completed but they system ran into an issue while marking it as completed
  3. Click the Red Stop Button
    Action Icons on a Scan
  4. On the scan click the word Aborted in the Status column (which is now red)
    Log tab selected with Mark as Completed Button
  5. Then Click the Mark as Completed button
  6. The score will now update and you may now view your results


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