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This page will guide you on how to start using Frevvo. It includes logging in, creating your first application, creating your first form, sending it out for users to use, and viewing the submissions.

Step 1: Log In

Step 2: Create An Application

  1. Log into Frevvo
  2. Select My Projects from the menu on the left
  3. Select (plus) to the right of "Your Projects"

  4. A new application will then be immediately created and visible

  5. Select Properties in the menu to the right of the project name to edit the name and description of the newly created Project
  6. Edit the Name and Description fields to whatever is desired
  7. Select Update on the bottom to save your adjustments
    Update Button

Step 3: Create A Form

  1. Log into Frevvo
  2. Select My Projects from the menu on the left

  3. Select the Application where the form will exist

    All forms must exist in an Project! If there are no projects yet created or a new one is desired, follow the process on Creating A New Project.

  4. Select (plus) to the right of "Project Name :: Forms and Workflows"
  5. Once you have your form created with the appropriate items from the Palette click on Submit.

Additional information on the different controls and their use can be found at:

Step 4: Share Your Form

To share a form, navigate to the form of choice and click the Share button.

A dialog window will appear that has server options.

  1. Embedded Form - Embed a for with auto resizing
  2. Embedded Form Link - Embedded link (without script block)
  3. Link (Email/Web page) - Link to email or include on a webpage (loaded page will have the form centered)
  4. Full Page/Popup - Full HTML of the form with included Script block that can be used to published as an individual html page on a web server
  5. Just the iframe - Script to create an iframe to your size specifications (auto resize is disabled)
  6. Raw form link - allows users to append URL Parameters without any default parameters

share dialog window

More information on the different methods can be found on the full Sharing Frevvo Forms Answers page.