GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop is a free, open-source application that helps you to work with code hosted on GitHub or other Git hosting services. With GitHub Desktop, you can perform Git commands, such as committing and pushing changes, in a graphical user interface, rather than using the command line. Learn More

File Paths

The location of files and their pathing may be important to being able to collaborate with others on your team using GitHub.  It is recommended that the team choose a standard location on the file system that repositories are cloned to.

For example, a team may choose to clone all repositories to the path "C:\Users\<username>\Apps-SU\Git\".  By being consistent across collaborators linking of source files into other repositories or files will always result in the same relative path.  Also, in most source code it is easy to use a variable to reference the <username> value and therefore make sure that the even full paths to files are usable by all the collaborators.

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