The AASC team is reconfiguring user accounts in the HIPAA Zoom system, in order to provide an intuitive and consistent access experience using Single Sign-On (SSO). This is due to the Zoom requirements that a user must have a unique identifier (email address) that may only be used in one Zoom system across the entire Zoom-sphere.  Our current method requires users to maintain two accounts: one for the main Zoom system(<netid>, and one for the HIPAA Zoom system (<netid> This causes confusion, and a variety of other issues for our users, while increasing the workload for HIPAA Zoom group owners, support staff, and Zoom administrators. 


In consultation with Zoom Support and ITS Mail and IDM administrators, a new user configuration method has been developed. Our new method would be to edit all HIPAA users and changing their email addresses to <netid> This change will allow users to have a unique email address and use the Syracuse University SSO to log into the system. We will not use the Google (<netid> method for login or use the <netid> email addresses. The user will use a unique URL for HIPAA Zoom system and log via SSO using their NetId and Password just like the main Zoom system and other ITS services using SSO.

The date for this change is Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 7-9:00am.

Existing meetings and links will continue to work after this change.

Once the change has been made, users will use the link on the HIPAA Compliant Zoom at Syracuse University page to log in and use their Syracuse University NetID and password:

Once logged in, users can click on the profile icon and view their profile. Users will see their Preferred Name and the email address will be <netid+shz> This is an indicator that they are in the HIPAA Zoom system.

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