Not being able to connect to the internet can be frustrating, especially when a person has a time constraint. When your connection with the internet seems spotty or inconsistent you may think about turning to your hotspot for that bit of extra connection that you're looking for. However, Wireless access points and Hotspots can cause interference and disrupt the normal use of university provided wireless access by other students, faculty, and staff, and as such are not permitted on campus. These access points are in violation of Syracuse University's Network Use policy. You can read more about what we permit here: Using Your Devices on the SU Network

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Wireless Internet at Syracuse University

If you're having issues connecting to the internet while on campus, we would first recommend checking out our AirOrangeX Configuration page.  Making sure that your devices are configured properly can resolve many connectivity issues. This will be the primary network that you will want to use while on campus and in your residence hall. There are other networks on campus that may be used for different situations, so for that we encourage you to check out our Networks at Syracuse University page.

Need help configuring your device? If the designated instructions for AirOrangeX seem to be giving you difficulty, we encourage you to reach out to the ITS Help Desk at 315.443.2677.

Living at the Sheraton or Marley? Be sure to check out instructions for connecting to AirOrangeX and Gadgets&Games on the Connecting at the Sheraton and Marley page

Turning Off Your Hotspot

Below are general instructions for how to turn off your hotspots.  Some devices will have their hotspots automatically turned on with operating system updates, or there may even be a designated button in a quick action menu that will inadvertently turn it on without you realizing it. Certain manufacturers of phones as well as different operating system versions can have different instructions that may use different verbiage for turning them off. If you have issues or questions regarding device specifications, please reach out to the ITS Help Desk. 

iPhone Hotspot

For iPhones you will navigate to your "Settings" App and then look for "Personal Hotspot" and then switch off the "Allow Others to Join" slider.

Android Hotspot

For Android devices the options may be a bit different depending on the manufacturer of the device, but generally you will still go into your "Settings" app,  look for "Connection & Sharing" or "Hotspot", and toggle off the "Personal hotspot" slider.

Getting Help

If you require additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk by voice at 315.443.2677, by email at, or by stopping into 1-227 Center for Science and Technology (hours of operation). 

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