Having an IT related issue with your device? Here you will find information on what services you can expect at the ITS Service Center.

For additional questions or support, email help@syr.edu or call us at 315-443-2677 during our phone support hours.

About the ITS Service Center

The ITS Service Center, located at 1-227 CST in the Life Sciences Complex, offers IT related support to any student for academic purposes. Please note that no products or software is sold at the ITS Service Center.  Our most current hours of operation are available on our Service Center Hours of Operation page. 

Users needing assistance should start by contacting us Sunday - Thursday between 8am - 10pm ET, or Friday - Saturday 8am - 5pm ET, at 315-443-2677, or submit a ticket to help@syr.edu. If in-person support is needed for your account related issue our staff will work to make an appointment that meets your availability.

Customer Data Responsibility

We take clients' data very seriously and because of this we encourage anyone visiting the Service Center to make sure they have a backup of their information before coming in for assistance. During the process of troubleshooting or restores and reinstalls there is a risk of data loss and the Service Center does not take responsibility for maintaining the data on the clients devices. There are multiple ways to backup your devices and if you need help with the backup process we would advise you to contact our Help Desk prior to your visit to ensure that your data is safe.

Faculty or Staff Member?

Are you a faculty or staff member? Please be aware that our location does not contain administrators of your campus account(s) and our assistance will be limited. Staff and faculty are also unable to leave their computer with student consultants for extended troubleshooting.

For this reason, we encourage faculty and staff to start by contacting their academic or administrative support personnel.

Account Support

Having issues with your NetID? Can't access a resource you believe you should have access to? ITS Support Staff will work with students to confirm their identity and ensure that have the necessary access to the academic applications they need to be successful.

NetID Self-Service

All users having issues with logging into resources or simply having issues with their NetID or password should start by visiting netid.syr.edu.

Self-Serv is your management portal for activating, checking, and changing the password and NetID tied to your account here at Syracuse University. Verify your password is correct by attempting to log into 'Additional Services'. If successful, your credentials are working.

Users having continued issues can reach us Sunday - Thursday between 8am - 10pm ET, or Friday - Saturday 8am - 5pm ET, at 315-443-2677, or submit a ticket to help@syr.edu

Software Support

Need help with software on your personal computer? 

ITS does not provide license software for students with the exception of the Microsoft 365 suite. If you have a license for software for a course, ITS can provide 'best-effort' support in installing it on your device. Please note: your TA or professor may be your best resource for instructions on any academically provided software.

Students are welcome to visit any ITS lab locations to access many academically required software. Remote students who require access to license software can also reference the Remote Desktop Services page for a full list of software available in our remote lab environment.

Need Specialized Licensed Software?

Not all ITS locations have all programs needed for all academic programs.

  • Students needing licensed software for academic purposes not listed should reach out to your professor or instructor to determine the need for a program.
  • Faculty & Staff requiring particular software for administrative or academic purposes, please contact your academic or administrative support personnel to determine how best to deploy the software.

Hardware Support 

Need help assessing issues on any Supported Devices?

ITS Service Center can assist in determine next steps but is not authorized to make hardware related repairs, such as removal of panels to remove hard drives, repair or installation of physical components, or the replacement of physical memory. ITS Support Staff will make their best effort to provide advice on device condition and locations where you can bring your device for professional repairs.

Students that can access the hard drive on a failing machine are welcome to bring the hard drive to our on-campus location to determine if data is retrievable. Please note: professional services may be required to access data in some cases and is not a service we provide.  

Need More Information?

We understand that having your account and devices working property is incredibly important. If you are still unclear on how to get support or simply would like more information please contact us by emailing help@syr.edu or by calling us at 315-443-2677 during our phone support hours.

If you would like to fix your device without making a trip, check our step by step guides at answers.syr.edu.

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