Information Technology Services (ITS) currently one room that can be reserved by University departments for faculty and staff training sessions. 

1-234 Center for Science and Technology (CST)

LocationRoom 1-234 Center for Science & Technology (CST).   Enter CST through the atrium entrance off of College Place. Go across the atrium and through the double glass doors. Turn to your left and the room will be the third door on your left.

6 student computers, 1 instructor's computer
The computers are AD machines and will refresh to the standard image when rebooted.

Equipment availablewhiteboard, projector and screen
Reserving the room

The room can be reserved through Outlook.

  • Start a new appointment in Outlook
  • Invite ITS Training Room 1 234 CST as an attendee (not a resource).  To find the room in Outlook, type ITS Training Room into the To: field and press Ctrl K.  The name of the room will appear in the Check Names box.  Select the room name and click OK.
  • Fill in your Subject and Location (1-234 CST)
  • Select your Start and End date and time
  • Click the Scheduling Assistant icon to verify that your desired date / time is available  (adjust date and time as needed if the room is busy)
  • Click Send
  • If the room is available, your request will be accepted.

The room is kept locked.  When you reserve the room you'll receive a keycode for the push button lock on the door.  Please contact Kara Patten at, or by calling 443-4704 with questions.