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An issue collector allows you to embed a form in a web page or Answers page to easily create issue tickets in your OT project. This allows you to guide users in creating issues in your project and have them fill out the correct fields within the issue.

This is an example of an issue collector that displays some custom text and will generate an issue with our OT project:

Issue Collector Setup

In order to set up an issue collector, a project manager will have to create the collector. For more information on setting up an issue collector, please go to the following page:

Issue Collector Submissions

After an issue collector has been set up, users can start generating tickets within the project the collector was created in. Depending on how it was setup, there are a few things to note about the submissions. 

  • If an issue collector was setup to use the Attempt to match user session of submitter or submitter email address option, it will always attempt to grab the session user. It will do so when a user is logged into Answers, even if you select the Not you? option!
  • If an issue collector was setup to use the Always use Issue Reporter option, it will always use the user specified in the field prior as the the Reporter. You can modify the reporter in the Orange Tracker issue after the issue has been created to reflect the actual Reporter.  
  • When an issue is created through the issue collector, it will automatically come through with a label in the format: issuecollector-<collectorID>. This allows you to keep track and report on issues generated by the issue collector.