It is possible to join multiple meetings simultaneously from the Zoom client if there is a specific reason to do so.  This feature allows participants to participate in or monitor multiple meetings at the same time.

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Enabling the Feature in Zoom

For multiple meetings to work, the feature must first be enabled in the user's Zoom profile.  This is located under

  • Personal - Settings - Meeting - In Meeting (Basic)

The setting is called Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop and the slider must be turned on to enable it

Zoom Setting

Updating the Desktop Client

The Zoom client must be installed and updated to the newest version.   To obtain the client go to: and download Zoom Client for Meetings

If it is already installed, update it by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner and choose Check for Updates.   After this is complete, restart the computer to make sure that all Zoom sessions are refreshed.

Joining Multiple Meetings

Once the above steps are complete, you can join multiple meetings by clicking on the join URL or navigating to and entering the meeting ID. The Join button in the Zoom client will only work for the first meeting that you join.

Cannot Host Multiple Meetings

Please note that this feature does not allow you to host multiple meetings at the same time.


Please note that audio from multiple meetings can get very confusing.  It is recommended to keep yourself muted in all meetings unless necessary..   Participants will be able to hear you speak in all meetings, unless they are specifically muted.   There is the potential to create a lot of excess noise and feedback if care is not taken to keep your microphone muted when not in use.


A webcam will only broadcast video to one meeting at a time.   Multiple cameras are required to send video to multiple meetings.

Zoom Support Documentation

More documentation can be found in the Zoom Support Document titled Joining multiple meetings simultaneously on desktop.

Getting Help

For support on the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk.