In order to use your camera and microphone on an Apple computer, you will need to give Kaltura Personal Capture permission. The first time you launch Kaltura Personal Capture, the program will request access to the hardware on your computer. The instructions below will show how to allow Kaltura access to your macOS microphone and camera. 

  1. If you have Kaltura open, please quit the program.
  2. Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple  in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

    How to Launch System Preferences

  3. Click on Security and Privacy. (Screenshot is shown on macOS 10.14, your instance may look different)

    Security and Privacy location

  4. Under the Privacy tab, choose Camera and check the box next to Kaltura to allow Kaltura to access your camera.

    Privacy Settings for Camera

  5. Choose the same settings for the Microphone and Screen Recording.

    Privacy settings for MicrophonePrivacy Settings for Screen Recording

  6. Close system preferences then launch Kaltura Personal Capture to verify your new settings are in effect. 

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