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You can't log into the Mobile App after entering the wrong password

If you enter the wrong password 10 times into the mobile app, a "captcha" (a word that you need to enter) will appear.  The "captcha" feature is not working in the mobile app, so even if you enter the correct password and the word displayed on the screen, you won't be able to log into Orange Tracker.  You need to open a browser on your mobile device or a PC and log in using the correct password and the word that displays on the screen.  Once you have successfully logged into Orange Tracker using a browser, the "captcha" will be cleared and you will be able to log into the mobile app with the correct password.

You can't move issues

You cannot move issues from one project to another while using the mobile app. A possible workaround is to create a sub-task of the existing issue in the other project. The sub-task will be linked within the existing (parent) issue, and the parent issue will show when the sub-task is resolved/closed. The vendor does have moving issues on the mobile app's future features list but doesn't have a time frame for when this feature will be available.

You can only provide feedback via email

If you open an issue that has a "waiting for feedback" status and try to provide feedback, you will get an error that "some required fields are missing," even though there is no missing required field. If you email your feedback by replying to the "request for feedback" email that is generated, the issue status will update correctly.

You can't search for issues by any field on the fly

If you select the Search icon, you can search for issues by the following fields:

  • issue key, summary, description  (using the Query field)
  • project
  • version
  • type
  • status
  • assignee
  • component

You can also select the navigation icon to search for issues reported by you, assigned to you, watched by you, recently viewed by you, or recently updated (by anyone – must be an issue you have rights to view). However, you can't elect to search by other fields, as you can in the web interface (such as reporter, created date, updated date, etc.) 

If you want to search by other fields, use the web interface to set up the search and then save it as a filter and mark it as a favorite filter (for more information on filters:  Filters in Orange Tracker). From the navigation screen in the mobile app, you can then use the favorite filter screen to search using that filter.

Email this Issue not available

The "Email" function that lets you send an email to any role or email address from the issue is not available in the mobile app because this functionality is provided by a plugin for Orange Tracker that is not recognized by the app.

Not all dashboard gadgets work

If you select the dashboard icon in the mobile app, you'll get a list of all the dashboards that you have permission to see (in the web interface, you see only dashboards you have marked as favorites). When you select one of these dashboards, you may not see all of the gadgets that you expect. Only some gadgets are supported in the dashboards of the mobile app. The vendor is working on making more dashboard gadgets available.