For List Owners ONLY

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The following section deals exclusively with deleting entire lists. If you are trying to remove your own subscription to a list, see the section on Unsubscribing.

Lists that are no longer needed should be deleted. This is a system function that cannot be performed directly by list owners. Your request will be sent to List Manager who will perform this task after verifying that you are the valid owner of the list. When a list is deleted all of the subscriptions to the list are also deleted automatically. No notification is sent to the subscribers. Since most lists that owners want to delete are inactive, this is appropriate. However, if you are deleting an active list, please notify subscribers beforehand.

Only list owners may request that their lists be deleted. To verify that you are indeed the owner of the list(s), you must supply your list owner email address below. You will receive an email message  from List Manager at the address you specify. Before the list(s) will be deleted, you must reply to that message. This is to ensure that lists are not inadvertently deleted.

If the list owner is no longer available to request the deletion of a list, please email List Manager directly.

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