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List Management Interface

Go to the Listserv at SU home page and click on "List Management Interface" under "Listserv Frequently Used Links". This gives you the login page into ListServ.       

Clicking on the List Management Interface brings up the login page

listserv login

Create a Password

To access and manage your lists, you should have a password to log in into List Management Interface. In case you don't already have one, you can request for a password in 2 ways

  1. Go to and click on "Get a LISTSERV password" listed under "Getting Started".

     2. Click on "get a new Listserv password" in the login page of Listserv.

This brings up the Register Password Form.

listserv password reset

You need to do it once for each owner address you use (most owners have a single address).

 Enter your list owner address and a password (enter it twice) and submit the form.

Watch for confirmation email from Listserv: you may confirm your password via a web link, or reply to the message with the word OK in the text of the message.

This confirmation must be done successfully before Listserv will register your password. Once registered, go back to the Login page and complete the login with your new password.

Once logged in you should be able to see LISTSERV Archives.These display all public lists.

To be able to access and manage the lists you own, Goto List Management in navigation bar and select List Dashboard. This should give you access to your lists.

listserv list management drop down menu






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