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This document describes how to create a Syracuse University listserv password, or replace a forgotten password. With a listserv password you can manage Listserv subscriptions or lists that you own.

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You own or have subscriptions to listserv lists at SU and you do not have a listserv password, or cannot remember it.


Listserv passwords control access to the Listserv web site. This password is associated with a single email address, NOT a particular list.

For example, if several lists are owned by, only one password is required to manage all of those lists. Similarly, you only need one password to manage multiple list subscriptions as long as you are subscribed from the same address.

This pasword is completely unrelated to any other Syracuse University accounts or passwords, such as your NetID.

Listserv Access Problems

  1. Forgetting the password
  2. Trying to login with the wrong email address (for example, the list is owned by, but the user logs in using

Obtain New or Replacement Password

  1. Go to the Listserv home page.
  2. Click on Get Password.
  3. Type in your email address. This is the address that you use to OWN or subscribe to the list, and it must match the address that appears in the From: line of your personal outgoing email.
  4. Type your desired password in the password boxes.
  5. Click Register Password. You will receive an email message asking you to do one of the following:
  1. Reply to confirm the password. Type the word "ok" as the single item in the body of your message.

    Do not change the subject line.

  2. Click on a Web link to confirm.

You may now begin to use the selected email address and password to login to Listserv.

If you have set up automatic login and you want to log in with a different address and password, or you want to select a new password, click the Log off link that appears on most Listserv Web pages. You can then log in with a different address, or select a new password.


List owners are responsible for all questions from list members

  • List members should contact their list owner(s) for help at <>. For example, if the listname is "clocks", send email to <>. If you need help contacting the owner, please contact the ITS Service Center by email at or by phone at 315-443-2677.
  • List owners may receive help by sending email to or contacting the ITS Service Center at 315-443-2677.

Sources and Relevant Links

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