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About IT Related Events Notification List

The IT Related Events Notification system is a quick, easy, and informal method to disseminate IT related events’ information to select IT leaders on campus. Subscribers to the list will use the list to post messages in order to disseminate information regarding emergent or unconfirmed events or conditions observed  within the IT environment that may affect their user experience.

Keeping the List Current

In order to keep communication as consistent and accurate as possible, it is imperative that we keep the list up to date. If you are aware of a user who should or should no longer be on the list, contact the owners by sending an email to with the name, email and phone number (if applicable, please include carrier name) of the individual to be added or removed.

Posting an Event/Condition to the List

Once an emergent or unconfirmed event or condition is observed within the IT environment send a detailed message to

This message should include the following:

               -  What department and individuals are being affected by the event/condition

               -  What steps are being taken to confirm/alleviate the disturbance

               -  Tentative time frame for addressing the event/condition


Email and Text Messages

When a user of the group sends an initial email to the listserv, all users of the group will be notified via the email address provided. Users may also request to be initially notified via text message.

Initial Notification

It is important to note that email and text messages will only contain the initial notifications. Once the ticket has been created, users will need to go to the IT Related Events Notification project within Orange Tracker. If you would like to get further notification for every update to the ticket, you must become a watcher of the specific OT ticket. You will then get an email for every update to the ticket, up to and including completion.

Tracking the Event/Condition in Orange Tracker

Logging into Orange Tracker

To log into Orange Tracker, visit The credentials to log in will be your normal NetID and password.

Locating and Reviewing the IT Related Events Notification Project within Orange Tracker

Under the "Projects" drops down select "View All Projects".

You then want to select the IT Related Events Notification project located towards the bottom of the screen.

Once in the project, select the "Issue" tab to review all issues

Locating and Reviewing a Specific Issue/ticket

If you know the ticket number of the issue, simply search x2020-## in the search window in the upper right hand corner once logged into Orange Tracker

Becoming a Watcher

In order to get email notification beyond the initial notification, you must signup as a watcher of the ticket. This will notify you up to and including completion of the ticket. To do so simply enter the ticket in question within Orange Tracker and click on the word "Watch" in the People section on the right hand side of your screen.

Watching Requirement

In order to become a watcher, you must be a user of the project.

How to Subscribe to the List

To subscribe to this list, you must email from the desired email address to be added.


Its important that you leave the subject of this email blank and in the message put 

subscribe x2020 [Your Full Name]

Phone Notification and Manual User Subscription Removal

If you want to subscribe your phone to the x2020 list so that you receive postings as text messages, email, and provide your name and the SMS Email Address for your device.  If you would like to remove a user who no longer belongs on the list, send a detailed message to An owner of the list will contact you when that the request has been completed or if further information is necessary to complete your request.