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Lists Subscribed to and Subscription Options

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You can obtain this information only for local (SU) lists.

Lookup via the web

The easiest place to obtain this information is at the subscriber's corner on the Listserv web page.

  • Click
  • click the "Subscriber's Corner" web page
  • If you land on a login page, enter your login information. If you do not have a Listserv password, go back to and follow the Listserv password link
  • In subscriber's corner
    • Listserv 14.4 (old version) Click the Report Columns, "Mail Status" and "Mail Style" boxes, then click Submit
    • Listserv 16.0 (new version) click on the "My settings" tab.

Lookup via email

If you do not have access to the web, you can query your subscription status via email

  1. create email to
  2. Delete the signature line if it is included automatically.
  3. Include the following line in the body of the message:

         query [software011:listname] nomail (where listname is the actual name of the list.)

       For example, to query the list "clocks", the command would be

         query clocks

       To query the status of all your lists

         query *

There is no analogous command for lists hosted outside of SU.


List owners are responsible for all questions from list members

  • List members should contact their list owner(s) for help at <>. For example, if the listname is "clocks", send email to <>. If you need help contacting the owner, please contact the ITS Service Center by email at or by phone at 315-443-2677.
  • List owners may receive help by sending email to or contacting the ITS Service Center at 315-443-2677.

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