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Listserv - List Archives

Listserv lists can be configured to store a searchable online archive of list postings.  Because list archives require the allocation of storage space on the server,only the site Listserv Manager as the ability to create the archive by allocating the space and modifying the list configuration.

Once created, list archives can be viewable to the public, or the view can be restricted to just list subscribers or even just list owners.  Archives are stored in "volumes" corresponding to time intervals, typically weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Requesting archiving for a list

To request a new list that has an archive, open the New Customized List Request Form and select the desired option in the Archive section of the form.  If you would like an existing list to have an archive, send email to In your message, identify the name of the list, the security level (e.g. public, private, owner) and the time interval desired (weekly, monthly, etc.).  You must be the list owner to request the addition of an archive.

Accessing List Archives

See Listserv - Accessing List Archives


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