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*How to unsubscribe from a Listserv mailing list


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How to Unsubscribe

You may unsubscribe from a list at the listserv Web page or via e-mail.

To unsubscribe via e-mail:

  • You will need to know the name of the list from which you wish to remove your subscription. If you are unsure, check the e-mail header of a message from the list and look in the line that starts with "Sender." The list address will appear there. The listname is the part of the address before the "@".
  • Identify the email address you are subscribed from. Like many people, you may have multiple email addresses; if you try to unsubscribe from, but the list is sending to, your unsubscribe will fail. The email Listserv is sending to is probably visible in the header of the email from the list. You can also check by sending an e-mail to the list-owner at: (substitute the actual listname for the word "listname", e.g., for the list "clocks", send to
  • Start a new email using the e-mail program you use with the subscribed email address.
    • Type  in the To: box.
    • Delete the signature line from the body of the email if it is included automatically.
    • Include the following line in the body of the message:
          unsubscribe listname  
      Example: to unsubscribe from the "clocks" list type
          unsubscribe clocks
    • Do not send this message to the list address ( as this will create a message to the list.
  • Occasionally a subscriber will no longer be able to use the e-mail account that corresponds to his/her subscription. In that case, send an e-mail to the list owner requesting that the subscription be deleted. You can send to the owner at: (substitute the actual listname for the word "listname", e.g., for the list "clocks", send to It is the list owner's responsibility to manage subscriptions for a list.


List owners are responsible for all questions from list members

  • List members should contact their list owner(s) for help at <>. For example, if the listname is "clocks", send email to <>. If you need help contacting the owner, please contact the ITS Service Center by email at or by phone at 315-443-2677.
  • List owners may receive help by sending email to or contacting the ITS Service Center at 315-443-2677.