Below you will find instructions to common Listserv subscriber tasks. List owners looking to make changes to their lists can find additional instructions on the Listserv Owner How To's page.

Users may also find step-by-step instructions under 'Tips for Subscribers' on the Listserv manuals page

User Managed Lists Only

Please note that the instructions below are for user managed lists only. University managed lists subscribers are automatically enlisted in, such as based on being an active faculty, student, or staff member, will not permit the changes below.

Subscribers Corner

Log into the Listserv Subscriber's Corner:

Log into Subscriber's Corner

This link is for Listserv users looking to manage their subscriptions.

Additionally tutorials can be found on the Listserv manuals page.

Listserv User Self-Management

If you would like to subscribe, unsubscribe, or make other changes to your subscription,  please log into the Subscriber's Corner OR you know the name of a Listserv at Syracuse University, send an email with the text for the desired change listed below in the body of the email to Unless otherwise notated, the subject of the email will be ignored.

Do not send this email to the list itself (<listname> as that will create a message to the list.

<listname> = The name of the list

Listserv Email Commands

Get Information About a List

info <listname>

Request a List of Your Subscribed Lists

query *

Change User Name on SU Listserv server

REGISTER <desired name> 

Request a List of All Lists

To find local lists hosted by listserv, send the command:

list (all lists) OR list /xxx (all lists contining string xxx in the title or name)

To look for a global list, send the command:

list global /xxx (all lists containing xxx)

Subscribe to a List

subscribe <listname> Your_name   

Example: if your name is Susan Smith, to subscribe to the "clocks" list type 'subscribe clocks Susan Smith'

Unsubscribe to a List

unsubscribe <listname>

Change Name Associated with a List

sub <listname> <desired name> User

Change Email Associated with a List (Access to Both Accounts)

change <listname> newaddress

Note: Will require confirming the change in the new email address.

Change Email Associated with a List (No Access to Initial Email)

Send a request to the list owner to remove the initial subscription by email <listname>

Subscribe on the new account using the subscribe command listed above.

Enable Repro (Receive Own Postings)

set <listname> repro

Disable Repro (Stop Receiving Own Postings)

set <listname> norepro

Suspend Subscription (Receive No Mail)

 set <listname> nomail

Reactivate Suspended Subscription (Enable Receiving Mail)

set <listname> mail

Enable/Disable Digest

set <listname> digest (to enable digest)

set <listname> mail (to disable digest)

Getting Help

Subscribers and list members should contact their list owner(s) for assistance by emailing <>. For example, if the Listserv is, send email to <>. 

Additional Listserv instructions, including how-to instructions and videos, can be found on the Listserv manuals page

For additional assistance or help contacting the owner, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315-443-2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.


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