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To log into Orange Tracker, you'll need your username and password. Syracuse University affiliated accounts will use their NetID and password to log into the system.

Orange Tracker login screen

If you fail to enter your password correctly five times, your account will lock and the system will force you to answer a CAPTCHA question correctly, along with your correct username and password.

Orange Tracker capthca screen

If you cannot remember your password or username, you can select the Can't access your account link. This will allow you to request the information from the system and it will email you the information.

Orange Tracker forgot screen


  1. the forgot password is only valid for local users (internal Jira directory):

      A request has been received to reset your password.


    This user account is managed in an external User Directory and Jira is not able to update your password.

    Please contact your System Administrator if you have any further queries.

    Here are the details of your account:
                Username: emumpton
               Full Name: Eric C Mumpton

    This message is automatically generated by Orange Tracker (, an issue tracking system at Syracuse University.  Your request is being monitored and a consultant will respond as soon as possible.  For answers to frequently asked questions and self help information, please visit our Answers Wiki at