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Below are steps for users that have questions regarding how G Suite handles logging in.


1) Open a web browser and go to a Google login page - will work

google account log in

2) Use your regular netID and append "" to the end so that your login ID is "" - click Next

3) You should be redirected to the Syracuse University login page - double check the URL listed at the top of the page to make sure it reads

syracuse university log in

If it does not say that, send in a Help Desk ticket to - do not proceed

4) Enter your netID and password - do not add any additional information to the end of the netID login and select "Don't Remember Login" if you are using a shared computer


Accessing G Suite through an application

1) Open a mobile or desktop application - Google Drive for desktop is a great example

2) Input your email account, click next

3) The redirect page will be the same as before - enter your netid and password, then click Login

4) Follow Google's recommended steps to finish logging in -


Google specific questions not related to or Syracuse University's usage of Google Apps for Education (G Suite) can be directed to Google's Support Documentation -