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This page outlines how certain users can search for SU users and create non-SU accounts within the Orange Tracker system. This is done through a custom plugin built by the ITS team called SU User Management. This plugin is located on the top of Orange Tracker, next to the Create button:

User Management button

To have the ability to Search Directory or Create Users in Orange Tracker, you must be in the group with permissions to create users. To be added to this group, please submit a request to

LDAP User Lookup

This search feature only searches for people who are affiliated with Syracuse University, meaning they have a netID. This search uses LDAP and not the Orange Tracker directory. The search will return perspective students and other users who have partial accounts created within the LDAP system. These accounts typically do not have email addresses.

To search, use the User Management pull-down near the top of Orange Tracker and select the  LDAP Lookup link. You'll be sent to a screen with four fields to search:

A screenshot of the LDAP user lookup form is shown

You can search by SUID, NetID, Last Name, and First Name. You can use any number of fields to help narrow your search and select the Submit button to start the search. The system will return the search results in a table form. Selecting the Create Issue button will allow you to create an issue ticket on behalf of that user. Clicking on the View History button of the user will display all the Reported Issues of that user within Orange Tracker.

Create User

All SU users are in Orange Tracker. If a non-SU user sends an email to a project, their account will be automatically created. At times there is a need to manually create a non-SU user account. This is done by using the User Management pull-down near the top of the Orange Tracker screen. Select the Create User link and you'll be directed to a simple page to create a user.

A screenshot of the fields for creating a user are shown

This page requires a valid email address, that is a non address, and a password. If the full name field is not filled out, the system will use the value from the email address as the full name. The Orange Tracker system will email the user and invite them into the system.