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Overview of Project Roles

Before modifying project roles, it is important to understand the security implications of changing the membership of the project role.  For example, if you make someone a consultant in a project but don't also make them a user in the project (either directly or through a group to which they belong), they will not be able to browse to the project.  Consultants should also be users within the project. 

Project Roles for Orange Tracker Projects

The following roles are specifically designed for Orange Tracker (OT) projects and are to be used for only OT projects. These roles will not have the same permissions in a Jira Service Desk project.


User is the default role in OT. Users can report issues to a given Project. For example, a student with a problem sends an email to the HELP Project. This student falls into the role of User. In general, users can:

  • Browse Projects
  • Create Issues
  • Add Comments
  • Add attachments and screenshots
  • Delete OWN attachments
  • Send an email using the "Email" icon of the issue
  • View issues for which the user is a reporter **

** Most projects within Orange Tracker are configured with a security scheme that limits a user's view of issues to only issues for which they are the reporter.  If you are not sure how your security scheme is set, contact the Orange Tracker team at


Consultants are those in your project who can work on issues and solving the request. Consultants have the ability to:

  • Edit Issues
  • Modify Reporter
  • Assign Issues
  • Work on Issues (start progress, stop progress, etc.)
  • Move Issues
  • Request Feedback from the reporter
  • Watch Issues
  • Resolve/Close Issues
  • Link Issues
  • Convert issues to sub-tasks
  • View Watchers
  • Add/remove other users as Watchers

The consultants roles does not include all the functionality of the users role.  In order to see a project, a person must be in the users role as well as the consultants role.

Project Managers

Project Managers are those in OT who have the ability to:

  • Manage project role membership
  • Delete Issues
  • Edit All Comments in an issue
  • Delete All Comments in an issue
  • Delete All Attachments in an issue
  • Edit a project name, description, URL, and project avatar
  • Manage project components
  • Add versions to the version list

The project managers role does not include the functionality of the users role or the consultants role.  You need to add a project manager as a user for them to see the project.  You must add them to the consultants role if you want them to work on issues.


Once assigned, OT users (or groups) in the Observer role can view and comment on all issues within the project, but are restricted from editing the issue or executing any issue workflow steps. By default the Observer role will not be populated with any members. Orange Tracker project managers determine who (if anyone) is a member in this role, and consequently who can observe all issues within the project. If the project manager would like all OT consultants to have visibility in their project, the group "jira-consultants" can be added to the Observer role. Otherwise, members can be added individually.   If you want a user to be able to watch issues in your project but not edit issue or work on issues (close them, etc.) then you can add them to the observer role (they will then be able to see all the issues in the project, not just the issues for which they are a watcher).

Viewing Project Roles

You can access the project administration screen in one of two ways:

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the top menu next to your picture or avatar (if you don't see the gear icon, then you don't have any administration rights)
  2. Select "Projects" under JIRA administration  (if you don't see the "Projects" option under "JIRA Administration", then you don't have permissions to administer any projects.)
  3. Select the link to the project found in the "Name" column
  4. Select the "View Project Roles" link under the "Roles" section.


  1. Select "Projects" from the top menu
  2. Select the appropriate project from the recently viewed list or select "View All Projects" and then the appropriate project from the full list.
  3. Select the "Project Settings" link, or the gears icon, found at the bottom of the left-hand column.  If you don't see the "Administration" link, then you don't have rights to administer that project.
  4. Select the "Users and Roles" link in the sidebar section.

Assigning an user to an Orange Tracker project role

  1. Open the "Users and Roles" page as described in "Viewing project roles" section above
    Users and Roles main screen
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you'll find an "Add users to a role" link.
  3. There are two columns in the row.  If you wish to add a user or group to the role, start typing the name, username, or email address of the user into the "Users" column (note that you can only use internal Orange Tracker groups. You cannot use Active Directory groups).

    Add user to role main screen
  4. Select the appropriate user or group from the drop-down list of matches that appears.
  5. Select the "Update" button.

Removing a user or group from a project role

  1. Open the "Users and Roles" page as described in "Viewing project roles" section above
  2. Hover your cursor over the user or group in the project role you wish to modify.
  3. Select the "trashcan" icon on the far right of the highlighted user or group and the item will be removed.

Changing the Project Lead

Changing the project lead requires an Orange Tracker administrator. Only project managers of the project can request a project lead change. Please send an email to and request the change.