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Does a Teams meeting need to be managed?

By default, a Teams meeting will join participants as presenters.  The presenter role allows full meeting options, including locking video, recording control and ability to manage audio for others.  In some scenarios like a presentation by a Dean to staff or hosting a webinar it can be helpful to control who can manage these capabilities of other participants.

Configure Meeting Options

Start by scheduling your meeting if you have not yet done so, instructions here.

  1. As the organizer, navigate to the Calendar section, located on the sidebar

    Teams Left Menu Column - Calendar Highlighted

  2. Locate the meeting and click to open:

    Teams Calendar view

  3. With the meeting open, choose 'Meeting options' to the right of the time zone

    Teams meeting options

  4. Your browser will load a new page where you can set configuration for 'Who can bypass the lobby?' and 'Who can present?'
    - Setting who can present to 'Only me' or 'Specific people' will control will assign the specified individuals as Presenter, all other users will have the attendee role

    Meeting options web page

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