Data management should always be taken with a "measure twice, cut once" approach. You never know when an accident can happen with your device that has your important files and then you can't access them for one reason or another. The University provides several file storage solutions for both on campus and off campus use and we encourage you to take advantage of them.

File Management and Sharing Solutions

  • OneDrive - All active faculty, staff, and students are provided with an Office 365 account that includes Microsoft OneDrive. This is used to synchronize your desktop, documents, and other important files between computers. You can access your OneDrive by visiting office.syr.edu and using the bento menu icon in the upper left corner to select OneDrive from the list of applications.  

  • Campus G: Drive - The G: Drive, also available throughout campus in labs and office locations, is a shared drive managed by your administrative department, school, or college. Please note that the campus G: drive is not accessible for mapping on non-university owned devices.

    • Faculty or staff seeking to access their G: drive remotely should connect to their work or office desktop using a remote desktop solution or contact your academic or administrative support personnel for additional options.

  • Google Drive - All active faculty, staff, and students are provided a Google G Suite account that includes Google Drive access. If you are looking to login into your Syracuse University Google account, navigate to the Google sign in page and use NetID@g.syr.edu as your username. Additional help can be found on the Logging into G Suite page.

Offline Data Management

Data management isn't only limited to online methods, you can also purchase an external flash drive or hard drive to give you a local copy of your important files. Information on that can be found on our How to Backup Data page.

Alumni Information

Data management solutions for alumni are largely temporary and will not last for a very long period of time following your departure from the University, oftentimes they will be 30 days or less. Anything that you deem important or necessary you should always be moving onto other storage accounts or mediums as soon as you can. The University is not responsible for data lost due to negligence or tardiness from the end user.

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