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In the current version of Frevvo, submission data can be viewed, sorted, and managed directly from the submissions page. In order for data from particular fields in the form to display in the submissions table, each individual field must be designated as a Searchable Field

Accessing Submission Page

  1. Log into Frevvo with an account that is able to view the submission data on a desired form

    In order to view and or edit submission data, the form owner must specify permissions in either the Who can view submissions or Who can editsubmissions section. If you are given access through Who can edit the form section, you will still not be able to view submissions.

  2. Select the application where the form is contained, then select Submissions under the desired form

Submissions Filter

This section allows you to filter your submission data by any field in your form that is designated as a Searchable Field, as well as submission metadata such as submission date and time. After every change to the filter, be sure to select Refresh on the Submissions Table if it does not automatically refresh.

Date Range

Allows for the  quick specification of a date range of form submissions. If desired, select a From and To date. This section is identified as "A".

Submission State

Allows for the quick specification of a form's submission state. If desired, select all appropriate states. This is section is identified as "B".

Other Filter Items

This section allows for more granular specification of a filters. Each filter is identified by the number in the No. column.

  1. In the Field column, select which field to be filtered on by selecting from the dropdown
  2. In the Condition column, select a condition to filter on from the dropdown
  3. In the Value column, specify or select a value for the previously selected condition based on the control type. Date fields will display a picker in the Value column.
  4. If more conditions are desired, select the (plus) icon to the left of the currently existing condition No. column to add additional conditions below

Logic Expressions

After setting prior filters and conditions, you can then specify and enhance your filter by grouping and through the use of AND and OR. In this section, you can visually see the rule being built as you specify the base conditions. As each condition in Other Filter Items is created, it is added with the AND function.

To create a more advanced filter, you may edit this rule and modify to include parentheses for grouping and modify, add, or remove any AND or OR functions. You can specify how each of the previous filters and conditions relate to each other based on their identifier. Each condition in the Other Filter Items section is identified by the number in the No. column, the Date Range as "A," and the Submission State as "B."

To edit the Logic Expression, select the Edit button to the right of the field where the expression is being built.

For example, to retrieve submissions where testPhone1 contains "11" or "123," and "Option 2" was selected from the testDropdown1 control, the Logic Expression was edited as follows to group and change a couple AND functions to OR functions: 

This displays the following records:

If the Logic Expression does not seem to be updating the table as you type, see the Refreshing Submission Table section.

Matching Submissions

The Matching Submissions is where all of the form submission data is displayed based on the Logic Expression in the Submissions Filter. As a default, it will display with all submissions within the past month, specified by the date range in section A of the Submissions Filter

Change How Many Records Display On One Page

Select a number from the dropdown in the top left of the Matching Submissions section. This can be 10, 25, 50, or 100.

Refreshing Submission Table

Normally the table should update after any successful modifications were made to the Logic Expression. If it doesn't seem that the table has updated, select the Refresh button from the top-right of the Matching Submissions section.

Deleting Submissions

Individual submission records can be deleted by the form owners, or anyone specified in the Who can edit submissions section of the form. Once this is done, the deleted submission will NOT be able to be recovered.

  1. Select the checkbox in the second from the left column on each submission record that is desired to be deleted
  2. Select the Delete button from the top-right of the Matching Submissions section
  3. Select the Ok button  in the dialogue that pops up

Viewing Individual Submission Data

Each submission record contains a detailed view of that particular submission's data. You may double-click anywhere in a record's row to view it.

Additionally, you may select the checkbox on a single submission record, then select View/Edit from the top-right corner of the Matching Submissions section.