Deleting an Attachment

To remove attachments from a page, go to the page tools menu (ellipsis) in the upper-right hand corner of the Answers page and then select "Attachments." 

page tools menu

The list of currently attached files will appear. In the right column of every attached file row is a link to change the properties of the attachment or remove it. Click on "Delete" to remove the attachment.  A pop-up window will appear that will prompt you to select "Delete" again.  Once you select "Delete" from this window, the attachment will be removed and disappear from the attachments list.

Attachment List

Changing Properties of an Attachment

From the same screen used to remove attachments (see above), you can change the properties of an attachment.   Select the "Properties" link.  You can now change the following:

  • File Name:  you can change the name of the file that appears in the attachments list.
  • Labels: You can add or remove labels.  Labels increase the relevancy of a page in search results.
  • Comment:   You can change the comment that describes the file in more detail.   This comment appears in the "Attached Files" list.
  • Content Type:   You can change the content type associated with the file, which affects how the file is displayed  (you must know the valid content type for a program in order to make a file open up in that program, and the file must be formatted to work in that program).  More advanced knowledge is required to correctly change this property.
  • Page:  You can also change the Answers page to which the file is attached.