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About Microsoft Teams at Syracuse University

What Does Teams Provide?

Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365, through chat, meets, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are.

 Teams you can:

  • Chat from anywhere

    Share your thoughts, quickly get feedback, and express your personality. Setup a group chat or one-to-one messages.

  • Meet with anyone from anywhere

    Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Teams of 2 or 10,000 can meet in one place, no matter where on the globe they are located.

  • Video or Audio Conference from any device

    Never yell “who just joined?!” ever again. Use Teams calling to take the stress out of conference calls and gain options like real-time closed captioning, screen sharing, and attendee stats while using a web browser or the Teams software across Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android.

  • Collaborate from anywhere

    Edit documents together, at the same time, while tracking your changes -  no more emailing revisions back and forth. Ask for feedback in real-time, poll the audience, and make decisions faster as a team.

What to Know About Teams at Syracuse

  • Team Names - SU enforces a naming convention that ensures that all Team names are unique.  This allows for easier discovery when looking for a specific team in the user interfaces.
    • Names will be automatically prefixed with "Group-".  This is to show that it is a group/team created by a user.
    • Names will be automatically suffixed with number if there is a group/team that already exists with that name.
    • Syracuse University - ITS may change the name of the group if it conflicts with official university departmental names.  Some of the official names are located in the Brand Lock-Up Directory.
  • Email to Team channels is allowed by default.
    • Restricted to emails sent form addresses and sub domains.
    • Email to a channel can be restricted to its members only (Team owners can control this).

How-To Information

Quick start guide for HigherEd

External Documentation

Accessing Teams on Windows or macOS

SU Computers

The Teams client is already installed on SU computers.  Type 'Teams' from the Start Search in Windows or Spotlight search in macOS.

Personal Computers

Sign-In to Office 365 - follow Sign-In steps and click on the Teams Icon

Accessing Teams on Mobile Devices 

Use Teams on Mobile Devices

Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.