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Why do I get an error message that the Mobility plugin has not been installed?

To use the mobile app on the AirOrangeX network, you must have your network settings configured to the use PEAP, and MSCHAPv2. If you went through the AirOrangeHelp process on an iOS device, this would have been set up automatically for you.  If you didn't go through the AirOrangeHelp process, you should do so if you get this error (see:  Apple - Connecting an iPhone or iPad to AirOrangeX).

If you have an Android device and you didn't configure the AirOrangeX (AOX) network, you may will get this error (even though you can surf the internet) (see Configuring AOX on an Android Phones).

Why didn't I get a push notification when an issue in my project got updated?

You will only get push notifications for issues for which you are a:

  • reporter
  • assignee
  • watcher

Push notifications will also only be generated for issue events that you specified in the push notifications settings of the app (see Configuring the Mobile App for Orange Tracker).  Push notifications will also not be generated for issue events that you initiated (i.e. if you made the change), even if those issue events are specified in the settings.

If you are a consultant in a project, and you want to get push notifications for an issue for which you are not the assignee or reporter, you can make yourself a watcher of the issue.  Note that making yourself a watcher will also affect what email notifications you get related to the issue.  Watchers typically get email notifications for more events in Orange Tracker than any other type of Orange Tracker role.

Why does nothing happen when I select the comments icon while viewing an issue?

If no comments exist for the issue, then selecting the comments icon (the thought bubble) while viewing an issue will not appear to do anything.   If the issue does have comments, you'll normally see a number icon in a red circle above the comments icon – the number indicates how many comments exist for the issue.  This number will not display after you view the comments for the issue until the next time you open the issue for display.

Why does nothing happen when I select the wrench or time clock icons?

While viewing an issue, the upper menu has a wrench and time clock icon. 

  • The wrench icon is used to bring up any custom fields.  If the current project does not have custom fields, nothing will happen when you select the wrench icon. 
  • The time clock icon is used to bring up any work logged against the issue.  If no work has been logged for the issue, nothing will happen when you select the time clock icon.

Why do I see so many dashboards?

Unlike the web interface, where only dashboards marked as favorites are displayed by default, the mobile app shows you all the dashboards that you have permissions to see.  If you select one of the dashboards, you may not get the information you expected.  The dashboards in the mobile app currently support only some gadgets.  The vendor is working on making more gadgets available on the dashboards.



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