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Access Orange Tracker on the go using the Mobility for Jira (Team version) app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

Using the Mobility for JIRA - Team app, you can:

  • View, create, edit, watch, delete, and transition issues
  • Add, edit, delete comments and change their visibility
  • Login to multiple Jira profiles
  • View and edit Scrum and Kanban boards and release versions
  • Add and view attachments
  • Receive push notifications on all platforms with granular configuration options
  • Basic and advanced search with full JQL and type-ahead support, QR code search
  • Time logging and issue history
  • View your Jira Dashboards

Installing the App

Use the following links:

Or manually search for the app:

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad or Google Play for your Android phone
  • Hit search
  • Enter “Mobility for Jira” into the search box
  • Install the “Mobility for Jira – Team” app to your mobile device

Running the App

At the login screen, enter:

  1. JIRA Username – use your netID
  2. JIRA password – use your netID password
  3. JIRA Url – enter (be sure to use https:, not http://)

Configuring the App

Configuring the Mobile App for Orange Tracker

Using the App

Known Issues

Known Issues with the Mobile App for Orange Tracker


Mobile App FAQs - Orange Tracker