When a table is added to a page using the "Table" button on the toolbar, a new row of icons will appear on the toolbar. These icons can be used to modify the table. If you want to modify a table that already exists on a page, click on the table and the same set of icons will appear on the toolbar.

You can perform the following tasks using these icons:



Add Row Above

Insert new row above current row

Add Row Below

Insert new row below current row

Remove Current Row

Remove the current row

Cut Table Row

Cut the table row (will delete row and save a copy)

Copy Table Row

Copy the table row (will leave row in place and make copy)

Paste Table Row

Paste the row (will insert the copied row below currently selected row)

Insert Column to Left

Insert new column to left of current column

Insert Column to Right

Insert new column to right of current column

Remove Table Column

Remove table column

Merge Table Cells

Merge table cells (will combine the contents of selected cells into one cell.  Doesn't work if all cells are empty.)

Split Cells that have been merged

Split cells that have been merged

Highlight a row

Highlight a row

Highlight a column

Highlight a column

Highlight a single cell

Highlight a single cell

Remove Table

Remove table