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Academic Integrity - New CaseEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsAcademic Integrity - New Case
AcademicsStudent HomeAcademics
AccountingFinancial ServicesAccounting
Admission Acceptance Form (current students)Student ResourcesAdmission Acceptance Formn/a
Admission Acceptance Form (incoming students)Applicant HomeUndergraduate Admit Acceptancen/a
Admissions To Do ItemsApplicant HomeAdmissions To Do Listn/a
Advisor ServicesEmployee HomeFaculty and Advisorsn/a
Advisor SetupEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsAdvisor Setup
Advising Transcript (unofficial transcript)Student HomeAcademics, or AdvisingTranscript
Affiliation DashboardEmployee ResourcesAffiliation Dashboardn/a
Applicant ServicesApplicant Home

Ask for Help in Orange SuccessStudent HomeAdvisingOrange Success
Award Summary ReportEmployee HomeSponsored Award Mgmt ToolAward Summary Report
BFAS FormsEmployee ResourcesBFAS Forms
Blackboard @ SU (employees)Employee ResourcesBlackboard
Blackboard @ SU (students)Student ResourcesBlackboard
Browse Coursessee "SU Online Course Catalog" below

BudgetFinancial ServicesBudget Services
Budget InquiryFinancial ServicesBudget ServicesBudget Inquiry
Budget JournalFinancial ServicesBudget ServicesBudget Journal
Budget Planning System log-inFinancial ServicesBudget ServicesHyperion Budget & Planning
Budget TransferFinancial ServicesBudget ServicesBudget Transfer
Cafeteria Plan and SPDEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsSummary Plan Descriptions
Calculate My GPAStudent HomeAdvisingCalculate My GPA
Campus Solutions/Student Admin

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Candidate Exit SurveyStudent HomeAcademicsCandidate Exit Survey
Candidate Self-AssessmentStudent HomeAcademicsCandidate Self Assessment
Career ServicesStudent ResourcesHandshake
Change NetID PasswordMySlice Login Page

Conflict of InterestEmployee HomeConflict of Interestn/a
Course/Class SearchStudent HomeClass Search
Course/Class SearchStudent HomeAdvisingCourse Catalog
Create RequisitionsEmployee HomeeProcurementCreate Requisitions
Ctr for Disability Services (employees)Employee HomeDisability ResourcesCtr for Disability Resources
Ctr for Disability Services (students)Student HomeDisability ResourcesCtr for Disability Resources
Degree Works (employees)Employee HomeDegree Worksn/a
Degree Works (students)Student HomeAdvisingDegree Works
Department DirectoryEmployee ResourcesDepartment Directoryn/a
Disability Cultural Center (employees)Employee HomeDisability ResourcesDisability Cultural Center
Disability Cultural Center (students)Student HomeDisability ResourcesDisability Cultural Center
Disability Faculty PortalEmployee HomeDisability ResourcesDisability Faculty Portal
Disability Faculty PortalEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsDisability Faculty Portal
Disability Resources (employees)Employee HomeDisability Resources
Disability Resources (students)Student HomeDisability Resources
Disability Student PortalStudent HomeDisability ResourcesDisability Student Portal
E.O.I.R.S. (employees)Employee HomeDisability ResourcesEOIRS
E.O.I.R.S. (students)Student HomeDisability ResourcesEOIRS
Effort ReportingEmployee HomeEffort Reporting
eFormsStudent HomeeFormsn/a
Emeritus Faculty Parking AppEmployee ResourcesParking ServicesEmeritus Faculty Parking App
Employee ResourcesEmployee HomeEmployee Resources
Employee TimeClock LoginEmployee HomeTimeTime Clock
Enroll in a ClassStudent HomeEnrollmentEnroll/Drop/Adjust Classes
EnrollmentStudent HomeEnrollment
Enter Global Survey Projects(not replaced)

ERSEmployee HomeEffort Reportingn/a
EvaluationKIT-Course FeedbackEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsCourse Feedback EvaluationKIT
Exam ScoresEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsAssessment Setup, Exam Scores
Faculty CenterEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsFaculty Center
Faculty ServicesEmployee HomeFaculty and Advisorsn/a
Faculty/Staff DirectoryEmployee Home
Faculty/Staff Directory
FAMISEmployee HomeFAMISn/a
FERPA Authorization FormStudent HomeeFormsOffice of the Registrar
Field Supervisor ReportingEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsTeacher Preparation
File Diploma RequestStudent HomeAcademicsDiploma Request
File for DiplomaStudent HomeAcademicsDiploma Request
FinancesStudent HomeBilling/Payments
Financial AidStudent HomeFinancial Aid
Financial ServicesFinancial Servicesn/an/a
Financials WorklistFinancial ServicesFinancials Worklistn/a
Financials/Supply ChainFinancial Services(select workcenter tile)
First Term Enrlmnt SelectionsStudent HomeEnrollmentFirst Term Enroll Selection
GPA CalculatorEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsGPA Calculator
GradesStudent HomeAcademicsGrades
GradesFirst(not available in MySlice)

Graduate Tuition DepositApplicant HomeGraduate Tuition Depositn/a
HandshakeStudent ResourcesHandshaken/a
HoldsStudent HomeHoldsHolds
Holiday ScheduleEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsHoliday Schedule
Housing & Meal Plan and ID CardStudent ResourcesHousing & Meal Plann/a
HR Benefit Web PagesEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsBenefits Website
HR FormsEmployee ResourcesHuman Resource Pagesn/a
Human Resources and Payroll ServicesEmployee Homen/an/a
International SOSEmployee HomeTravel & Expense CenterInternational SOS
ITS Accessibility (employees)Employee HomeDisability ResourcesITS Accessibility
ITS Accessibility (students)Student HomeDisability ResourcesITS Accessibility
Journal EntryFinancial ServicesAccountingJournal Entry
Journal ViewFinancial ServicesAccountingJournal View
Leave of Absence FAQ'sStudent HomeAcademicsLeave of Absence FAQ
Library Services (employees)Employee HomeDisability ResourcesLibrary Services
Library Services (students)Student HomeDisability ResourcesLibrary Services
Make a PaymentStudent HomeBilling/PaymentsMake a Payment
Manage RequisitionsEmployee HomeeProcurementManage Requisitions
Medical Benefits BookletEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsSummary Plan Descriptions
Medical Benefits Plan SPDEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsSummary Plan Descriptions
Missing MaterialsApplicant HomeAdmission To Do List
My AcademicsStudent HomeAcademics
My Financial Aid (applicants)Applicant HomeFinancial Aidn/a
My Financial Aid (students)Student HomeFinancial Aidn/a
My Leave of Absence

Student Home

AcademicsLeave of Absence
My Planner

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(get info from Registrar's Office)
My Profile (employees)Employee HomePersonal Profilen/a
My Profile (students)Student HomePersonal Profilen/a
My Religious ObservancesStudent HomeEnrollmentReligious Observance
My ReportsEmployee HomeMyReportsn/a
My To Do List (applicants)Applicant HomeFinancial Aid To Do Listn/a
My To Do List (students)Student HomeFinancial AidFA To Do List
My Wallet(see "Travel & Expense Center")

MyCode AdjustmentFinancial ServicesAccountingMyCode Adjustment
MyCode DescriptionFinancial ServicesAccountingMyCode Description
NetID PasswordMySlice Login Pagen/an/a
Noncontributory Retirement SPDEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsSummary Plan Descriptions
Non-Payroll Direct DepositEmployee HomeNon-Payroll Direct Depositn/a
Official TranscriptStudent HomeAcademics, or AdvisingTranscript
Online Travel Portal(not replaced)

Orange Alert (employees)Employee HomePersonal ProfileOrange Alert Contacts
Orange Alert (students)Student HomePersonal ProfileOrange Alert Contacts
Orange SUccess (employees)Employee HomeOrange SUccessn/a
Orange SUccess (faculty and advisors)Employee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsOrange SUccess
Orange SUccess (students)Student HomeAdvisingOrange Success
Other Employee ServicesEmployee HomeEmployee Resources
Parking Serivces (employees)Employee HomeEmployee ResourcesParking Services
Parking Services (students)Student HomeStudent ResourcesParking Services
Pay CalendarEmployee HomePayrollPay Calendar
Payroll Web PagesVisit

Pick Up/Drop Off Permit App (employees)Employee ResourcesParking ServicesPick Up/Drop Off Permit App
Pick Up/Drop Off Permit App (students)Student ResourcesParking ServicesPick Up/Drop Off Permit App
Placement ExamsStudent HomeAdvising
ProcurementEmployee HomeeProcurement
Project Summary ReportEmployee HomeSponsored Award Mgmt ToolProject Summary Report
Public Safety Information Video:  Run, Hide, Fight (employees)Employee ResourcesRun, Hide, Fight Videon/a
Public Safety Information Video:  Run, Hide, Fight (students)Student ResourcesRun, Hide, Fight Videon/a
Register for Travel PortalNo longer available

SAM Migration SetupSYR Administrative AppsSAM Security Migrations
Schedule of ClassesStudent HomeAdvisingSchedule of Classes
Scoring By StudentEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsTeacher Preparation
Search for Classes (employees)Employee HomeEmployee ResourcesClass Search
Search for Classes (students)Student HomeAdvisingClass Search
Search for Classes (students)Student HomeClass Searchn/a
Service/Delivery Permit ApplEmployee ResourcesParking ServicesService/Delivery Permit Appl
Set up Additional Access (applicants)Applicant HomeShare My Access
Set up Additional Access (students)Student HomeShare My Access
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 2021Go to:
Share My AccessStudent HomeShare My Access
Significant Financial InterestEmployee HomeSignificant Financial Interestn/a
Sponsored Award Mgmt ToolEmployee HomeSponsored Award Mgmt Tooln/a
SRV SurveyEmployee ResourcesSex & Relationship Violencen/a
SRV SurveyStudent ResourcesSex & Relationship Violencen/a
State Sales Tax Exemption FormEmployee ResourcesState Sales Tax Exemptionn/a
Stay Safe PledgeStudent HomeStay Safe Pledgen/a
Student Athletic ManagementContact the Athletics Office

Student InsuranceStudent ResourcesStudent Insurancen/a
SU Course CatalogRefer to "SU Online Course Catalog"

SU Online Course Catalog (employees)Employee HomeEmployee ResourcesCourse Catalog
SU Online Course Catalog (students)Student HomeAdvisingCourse Catalog
SU Online GivingEmployee ResourcesSU Online Givingn/a
Summary Plan DescriptionsEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsSummary Plan Descriptions
Supervisr/Dept TimeClock LoginDepartment AdministratorTimeClockPlus (admin)n/a
Syracuse Access ApplicationsEmployee HomeEmployee ResourcesAffiliation Dashboard
Syracuse Email (employees)Employee HomeEmployee ResourcesSyracuse Email
Syracuse Email (students)Student HomeStudent ResourcesSyracuse Email
Take Placement ExamsStudent HomeAdvisingTake Placement Exams
Take The PledgeStudent HomeStay Safe Pledge
Teacher Preparation Accred (field supervisors)Employee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsTeacher Preparation
Teacher Preparation Accred (students)Student HomeAcademics
Team Works (fka GradesFirst)Contact the Athletics Office

Transcript (unofficial or advising)Student HomeAcademics, or AdvisingTranscript
Transcript Request (official)Student HomeAcademics, or AdvisingTranscript
Travel & Expense CenterEmployee HomeTravel & Expense Centern/a
Travel and Entertainment (employees)Employee HomeTravel & Expense Center
Travel Safety Registry (employees)Employee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsTravel and Safety Registry
Travel Safety Registry (students)Student ResourcesTravel Safety Registryn/a
Tutoring ServicesStudent ResourcesTutoring Servicesn/a
UC Payment Option SelectionStudent HomeUC Payment Option Selectionn/a
United WayEmployee ResourcesUnited Wayn/a
View Enrollment VerificationStudent HomeEnrollmentEnrollment Verification
View Financial DeadlinesStudent HomeBilling/PaymentsFinancial Deadlines
View GradesStudent HomeAcademicsGrades
View HoldsStudent HomeEnrollmentHolds
View HoldsStudent HomeHoldsView Holds
View Mid-Sem Progress RptContact the Registrar's Office

View My AdviseesEmployee HomeFaculty and AdvisorsAdvisees
View my Advising TranscriptStudent HomeAcademicsTranscript/Advising Transcript
View My Advisor(s)Student HomeAdvisingAdvisor(s)
View My Advisor(s)Student HomeAdvisingAdvisors
View My Class ScheduleStudent HomeEnrollmentMy Class Schedule
View My Class ScheduleStudent HomeMy Class Schedule
View my course historyStudent HomeAcademicsCourse History
View My Enrollment DatesStudent HomeEnrollmentEnrollment Dates
View My Enrollment ProfileStudent HomeEnrollmentEnrollment Profile
View My Exam ScheduleStudent HomeEnrollmentFinal Exam Schedule
View My HoldsStudent HomeHoldsn/a
View My Pay NoticeEmployee HomePayrollPay Notice
View My transfer credit reportStudent HomeAcademicsTransfer Credit Report
View Placement Exam ResultsStudent HomeAdvisingPlacement Exam Scores
View Student AccountStudent HomeBilling/PaymentsBursar Information
View/Update My Direct DepositStudent HomeBilling/PaymentsView My Direct Deposit
Voluntary Retirement Plan SPDEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsSummary Plan Descriptions
Vote NowStudent ResourcesVote Nown/a
VSIP SPDEmployee HomeHR/BenefitsSummary Plan Descriptions

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