Below you will find information about your campus NetID including eligibility, expiration, and resource access utilizing the NetID. To manage your account, including password management, please visit the NetID Self Serv page.

NetID Self-Service Login

Log into NetID Self-Service Portal:

Log into NetID Self-Service

Requires Activation

Before you can access university systems such as MySlice and Blackboard, you must activate your NetID. During activation, you create a password for your account and set up a self recovery method. This self-recovery method can be used to reset the password if you ever forget it.

SUID Help?

NetIDs are different than your 9-digit SUID. If you need help with your SUID, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Looking for SUID card assistance? Complete details, including photo submission, requesting a new card, dependent card requests and more, visit the Housing, Meal Plans, and I.D. Card Services website.

About NetIDs

Access to the University's computing network and online services are controlled through the NetID user name and a password. 

  • The NetID is derived automatically from the user's name based on available NetIDs. Note that no two NetIDs are the same.
  • Applicants for admission to SU receive information about activating their NetID via an email from the Office of Admissions a few business days after submitting their application.
  • New University College (UC) students receive information about their NetID via US Mail or in person, corresponding with the manner in which they register.
  • Faculty and staff receive information about activating their NetID from their hiring department, as part of the process of becoming an employee of Syracuse University.
  • Parent/Proxy accounts are accounts used by parents/guardians of students to access specific resources. These accounts are created and managed by the students who create them. More information on Parent/Proxy accounts can be found here

Who is eligible?

NetIDs are automatically created for:

  • Applicants for admission to Syracuse University
  • Students (as defined by the Registrar)
  • Faculty and staff (as defined by Human Resources)
  • Those with eligible sponsorship, other associates, spouses and/or dependents
  • Parents/Guardians who are provided a parent proxy account. 

Activating your NetID

In order to access your MySlice account, you must first activate your NetID, which will require your SUID. Your SUID was included in the email sent to you from Syracuse University confirming receipt of your application. If you did not receive this email (be sure to check your spam folder), please write to Admissions at

Note: You will not receive an admission decision through MySlice, but will be able to track “My Missing Application Materials” within the Admissions To Do items of MySlice. An admission decision notification will be sent via e-mail and is sometimes followed by notification in the mail.

Password Management

All NetID owners are required to change their password at least once per year.

Several email messages will be sent to NetID owners starting 30 days prior to their password expiration date, notifying them that they must change their password to avoid expiration. If the password expires, the NetID is disabled.  Once the account becomes disabled, all resources that require the NetID and password are no longer accessible. 

Additional details about password changes can be found on the Password Change FAQ page.

Password Disabled or Expired? 

If you know your current password you can unlock your account online at by clicking on the "Password Expired?" link and receiving a code back to the mobile phone or alternate email you set up for remediation. If you can't manage your NetID on the NetID Self Serv page, contact the ITS Help Desk.

Forgot NetID or Password

Users who have forgotten their NetID or password should attempt to manage their account on the NetID Self Serv page. Users who require further assistance are encouraged to contact the ITS Help Desk.

Email Support Limitations

Please note that ITS support staff are unable to make changes to user accounts via email requests. If you are unable to manage your account at NetID self-service page, support staff will need to speak to you directly at 315.443.2677.

ITS support staff will accommodate users unable to contact them by voice via the remote conferencing tool of their choice (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard Collaborate).

Resources Access by Affiliation/Status


Applicants to Syracuse University may only use their NetID to access MySlice. NetIDs assigned to applicants who decide not to attend the university are disabled one (1) year after the semester for which they applied.

Parents and Guardians of students may use their Parent/Proxy account to access myslice resources that their student provides them access to. 

Applicants that become students have their access changed to include such things as email (SUMail), wireless and wired network services, and access to computer labs. The same access is granted to non-matriculated (e.g. University College) students.  The duration of access after the student becomes inactive (program becomes inactive and/or student stops registering) varies for each resource.  SUMail and MySlice access is retained for about one (1) year after the last term of registration.  Data files are retained for one (1) year after the last term of registration and if the student's program is no longer active.

Students under judicial suspension may lose access to email and other university computing services.

Graduating? For complete information about resources once you graduate, visit the IT Resource Access for Inactive Affiliations page.

Faculty and staff use their NetID to access resources such as email, wireless, MySlice, computer logins (for computers in SU's Active Directory domain), and home/shared directories. Current faculty and staff have access to these resources throughout their employment at Syracuse University. Access to certain administrative and academic information systems are governed by data custodians/administrators of those systems.

Retiring or Resigning? For complete information about available resources once you've left the university, visit the IT Resource Access for Inactive Affiliations page.

Alumni will retain access to certain system based on the elapsed time since graduation. For complete information, visit the  IT Resource Access for Inactive Affiliations page.

Licenses for most IT resources and services are limited to active students, faculty, and staff.

Although Blackboard uses the NetID/password combination for authentication, access to courses or data within the Blackboard system is limited to those administering or enrolled in the defined Blackboard courses, or in the case of Blackboard Organizations, access is limited to those who are defined as members of the specific Blackboard organization.

Likewise, MySlice uses the NetID/password combination for authentication; however, access to services within MySlice is dependent upon the the client's role or position within the University, or student status.

In addition, schools, colleges, and departments may also use the NetID/password for authentication to specialized services and computing resources within the unit. Access to those systems is often restricted and governed by the school, colleges, and departments.

Changing a NetID

Conditions for Requesting a NetID Change

Information Technology Services changes NetIDs only if:

  1. You have had a Legal name change or you have added a Preferred name on Myslice.
  2. Your name is misspelled in MySlice.
  3. The current NetID is offensive and/or inappropriate.

If you meet one or more of the above criteria, the following must also be true before requesting a NetID change:

  1. If there has been a Legal name change or if the name is misspelled, the user must contact HR or the Registrar's Office to update the record to request a correction or change.
  2. The Preferred name must be current in MySlice.
  3. The user agrees to remain logged out of all Syracuse University supplied systems for up to 24 hours on the day of the scheduled change.

Clients who meet the above criteria and require a NetID are encouraged to fill out the NetID Change Request Form in the section below. 

New NetID Requirements

If approved, ITS support staff will determine an appropriate new NetID. NetIDs must meet the following requirements:

  • Cannot be in use or have ever been used on a centrally administered computer
  • Cannot exceed eight characters
  • Cannot include any non-alphanumeric characters, for example: "!', '_,' '%' '$,' '&,' '*,' etc.
  • The username will be determined by ITS and must be a reasonable derivation of the client's name

Getting Your Legal Name Change Updated

Users who have recently had a legal name change should consider updating their official university record. Complete details are available on the Personal Data Incorrect in Official University Records page.

NetID Change Request Form

If one or more of the conditions for requesting a NetID change applies to you, we encourage you to fill out the form below.

If the conditions do not apply to your account but you think there is a reason your NetID needs to be changed, please select the "other" box and explain your reasoning in the text box below. Please note, this does not guarantee a NetID change.

Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.