Information Technology Services (ITS) provides both wired and wireless network solutions throughout. This page will discuss the available networks, the intended users, and login information to get properly connected. A full list of devices you both can and can't connect to University networks can be found on the Using Devices on the Campus Networks page.


Wireless Networks

Below is a comprehensive list of each wireless network available on campus. Make note that these networks are only available in the detailed locations, for the intended users, and using the indicated login information, if necessary. 

Need help configuring your device? Click on the corresponding configuration link below for which network you are attempting connection to.

Living at the Sheraton? Be sure to check out instructions for connecting to AirOrangeX and Gadgets&Games on the Connecting at the Sheraton and Marley page.  

Personal Mobile/Cellular Hotspots? Please be advised that using a personal mobile/cellular Hotspot is in violation of Syracuse University's Network Use policy and is not allowed on campus. You can read more about what we permit here: 
Using Your Devices on the SU Network

Network NameDescriptionConfigurationSupported DevicesSupported LocationsIntended UsersLogin
AirOrangeXFast, secure network and internet connection for computers, smartphones, and tablets everywhere on campus. Use AirOrangeX to access University online resources that require your SU NetID and password including MySlice, Blackboard,, and more.Personal computers, phones, and tablets100% campus coverageActive faculty, staff, and studentsRequires proper configuration through AirOrangeHelp
AirOrangeHelpUse AirOrangeHelp anywhere on campus only to configure your computer, smartphone, and tablet to connect to AirOrangeX with your NetID and password. Select this network, then navigate a browser to and follow the instructions for your device. Note that this network provides no external internet access.Personal computers, phones, and tablets100% campus coverageActive faculty, staff, and studentsNo login required
Gadgets&GamesLocated only in the University residence halls, Gadgets&Games is a fast, open internet connection for many but not all internet TVs, gaming systems (XBox, Playstation, etc.), streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku 2 and up, Amazon FireTV and Stick, internet radios, Blu-Ray players), and more. Note that Chromecast, Nintendo DS and DS lite, and wireless printers are not supported. Gadgets&Games cannot be used to access University online resources that require your SU NetID and password, nor should it be used for anything involving your personal information.Streaming devices, gaming systems, and internet connected TVsResidence Halls onlyActive studentsNo login required
AirOrangeGuestYour family and guests who don’t have an active SU NetID can connect to the internet everywhere on campus using AirOrangeGuest. They should select this network on their device, then navigate a browser to the guest portal and follow the instructions. AirOrangeGuest is not a secure network; users proceed at their own risk. More details can be found in the Visitor and Guest Wireless Guide.Personal computers, phones, and tablets100% campus coverageVisitors and GuestsVisitor and Guest Wireless Guide
OrangeHotSpotLocated only in the Dome, OrangeHotSpot provides an open internet connection during most major events.
Personal computers, phones, and tabletsDome onlyAll Dome visitorsNo login required
EduroamEduroam (education roaming) is a secure, worldwide wireless network access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam provides students, faculty, and staff from more than 5,500 participating institutions simple, instant and secure access to the Internet when visiting each other’s institutions. You won’t use this here at SU (unless you’re a visitor) but will find it handy when you visit other participating institutions. More information can be found on the Eduroam page.Personal computers, phones, and tablets100% campus coverageVisitors from other institutionsUsername and password managed at other institution

The Syracuse University Active Directory (SUAD) network provides a fast, secure network and internet connection to University-owned Active Directory devices anywhere on campus. If you feel you are someone who will need it for your work, you will want to reach out to your Distributed IT staff. Contact information can be found for School and College or your Department IT Staff in the next column.

School or College IT Staff

Work computers and laptopsVaries by Administrative needsResident Hall StaffStaff credentials
SU Private Wireless NetworkFor the Fall 2022 semester, Syracuse University, in partnership with JMA Wireless, piloted a new Private Cellular Network (CBRS) in 3 residence halls and a few Academic buildings which provides 5G Cellular connectivity within those areas.  The initial pilot includes approximately 1600 First Year students and the Residence Advisors in the 3 locations. The SU Private Network will be extended across campus in the near future.   If you currently reside in the supported locations, please contact the ITS Help Desk by voice at 315.443.2677, by email at, or by stopping into 1-227 Center for Science and Technology (hours of operation).  Mobile Phones with CBRS and LTE Band 48   capability and Residence Advisors in supported locationsQR Code, as provided by JMA Wireless

Wired Networks

Residence Halls Wired (Ethernet) Connection

All university residence hall locations are provided a wired internet connection via an Ethernet port. To connect to the internet simply plug an Ethernet cable connected to your desired device into the wall jack labeled with the letters "RN" followed by at least five numbers. No registration or credentials are required and you should be able to use the internet immediately.

Report a Damaged Port

To report a damaged Ethernet port, including physical damage or non-responsive, please contact the ITS Help Desk by voice at 315.443.2677, by email at, or by stopping into 1-227 Center for Science and Technology (hours of operation).  Please have whatever port identifier available, it will typically be on a label above the port/socket.

Main Campus Wired Network

Whether you are working for or visiting a location on campus and require an Ethernet connection, please contact the appropriate IT personnel to discuss registration of your devices and your individual user case. Contact information can be found on the academic or administrative support personnel pages.

Guests seeking a wired Ethernet connection should fill out the Wired Network Pre-Registration form.

Network routers

To better accommodate the varied devices students connect to the wired (Ethernet) network in residence halls (i.e. personal computers, gaming consoles, voice-over-Internet devices, and TiVo), ITS has approved the use of personal network routers in student rooms (sometimes called "broadband routers or "cable/DSL routers"). Routers must not have wireless capability (i.e. Apple Airports are not allowed) because wireless devices disrupt the network (wired and wireless).

Copyright Infringement

Any reported downloading or sharing of illegal copyright protected data (music, movies, software, games) will result in the student's computer being removed from the network (wired and AirOrangeX) until the matter can be resolved. Further information is available on Syracuse University's Copyright and File Sharing web page.

Self-installed wireless access points

Installing commercially available wireless network access points in the residence halls is strictly prohibited. Installation of these devices will disrupt the network (wired and wireless) and result in a student's network port being disabled. 

Connecting Off-Campus

Students who live off campus should consider subscribing to a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the campus network and the Internet.

The following ISPs are some of the options available in the Syracuse area:

Information about connecting to Syracuse University networks from off-campus locations can be found on the Remote Access web page.

Need Wireless Access On The-Go?

Faculty and staff who need high-speed Internet services while on the road can now request a MiFi mobile hotspot to put broadband access in their pockets. Those interested in using the service can contact ITS Telecommunications at 443-1870 or e-mail to arrange to obtain a Mifi mobile hotspot. More details, including request and pricing, is available on the Mobile Broadband Access for Faculty and Staff page.


Getting Help

If you require additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk by voice at 315.443.2677, by email at, or by stopping into 1-227 Center for Science and Technology (hours of operation). 

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