What is the Orange Safe App?

Syracuse University students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to download Orange Safe, a free app which provides a number of tools designed to keep you safe. With Orange Safe, users can stay connected and receive important campus notifications, communicate with campus safety, and gain access to resources needed most.

For more information regarding the app itself as well as frequently asked questions, we encourage you to check out the Department of Public Safety's website page regarding the Orange Safe App: https://dps.syr.edu/services-resources/orange-safe-app/?redirect

Features of the App Include:

  • Easy Emergency Communications: With a push of a button, you can directly connect to 9-1-1 for off-campus emergencies or DPS in an on-campus emergency.
  • On Campus BlueLight: While you are on campus, tap the button to simultaneously send your location to and call the DPS Emergency Communications Center (ECC). The DPS ECC will receiving your location in real-time and talk to you on the phone.
  • Safe Walk: Send your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch you as you walk to your destination. They’ll watch you and can trigger a call to emergency services if necessary. It is as simple as sending a text message to a family or friend and they will be sent a link used to follow you. Once you reach your destination, you can simply disconnect. 
  • Tip Reporting: Prevent dangerous situations by submitting a tip—anonymously or associated with your profile—and have real-time chat interactions with a member of the DPS dispatch team. This way, dispatchers and police can get the information they need about suspicious behavior, unsafe situations, or crimes and you can be sure the issue is being reported without drawing attention from those around you. The app allows you to text suspicious activity to DPS, using photos or video.
  • Social Escape: Get out of a tough social situation by receiving a call and giving you an excuse to leave. It is as simple as entering your phone number in the app and setting how quickly you want to receive the phone call.

Who can use the application?

The application is available for use by all current Syracuse University students, faculty and staff who are registered with the Orange Alert system.

Does Orange Safe App have the Safe Walk feature that LiveSafe and Rave Guardian had?

Yes, the Safe Walk feature in Orange Safe is a safety timer. Much like LiveSafe, you can invite friends or family ("Guardians") to watch you virtually walk to your destination. Your "Guardian," will be sent a link and does not need the app to watch you walk safely to your destination.

How to setup the Orange Safe App?

Here is how you can easily set up the Orange Safe on your mobile device:

  • Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app to set up your account.
    Note: The first time you launch the app, you may be asked to allow "location services" and
    "send notifications." The app relies heavily on these features, so we encourage you to enable

  • Once successfully downloaded, you will log in with your University NetID and password.
  • You will select your campus location.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Orange Safe App!


More information

For more information we encourage you to check out the Department of Public Safety's page on the app: https://dps.syr.edu/services-resources/orange-safe-app/?redirect

DPS Contact Information

315-443-2224 from any phone or by dialing #78 (#SU) from your cell phone or 711 from a campus landline.

The DPS office on Main Campus is located at 005 Sims Hall

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