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Orange Tracker (OT) is based on Atlassian's Jira Service Management (JSM), which is a service management solution for departments to manage their tasks. Syracuse University's ITS department funds OT and fully maintains the system for the organization. ITS also builds standards and baselines for departments to use. The system is designed to manage tasks within a department or team. Each department has their own tasks, Agents who can work on tasks, and project managers who run the project.

Logging into Orange Tracker

The Orange Tracker system is now divided into two areas. The main Orange Tracker system is designed for the project teams who solve the customer requests. These users require a license to enter the system. To log into the team Orange Tracker system, please see the following page: Orange Tracker for Agents

The second system is called the Customer Portal, which is for all Customers needing help. To log into the Customer portal, please see the following page: Orange Tracker Customer Portal.

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Getting Help

Please open a request by emailing aascsys@syr.edu or opening a ticket in the AASCSYS Orange Tracker Project.