This document is for a project Agent or team member needing to add a customer into their project in order to communicate with them. Adding a customer to your project will enable them to be Request Participants and/or use the Customer Portal in the future. 

Additional information on adding customers can be found in the vendor documentation at: https://support.atlassian.com/jira-service-management-cloud/docs/add-a-customer-to-a-service-project/

Requires Service Desk Agent or Administrator project role within the corresponding project.

Adding Customer

  1. From the project, locate the Customers link on the left-nav bar of your project.
  2. The Customers screen will display showing all current customers. In the upper right hand corner you'll find a "Add Customers".
  3. Correctly type in the email address and leave the Organization blank.


User Unable to be Added as a Customer

Service Desk Agents can add most users that do not currently exist in Orange Tracker from any domain as a customer, except for users from the syr.edu domain. As the syr.edu domain is a managed domain, the users under can only be managed by the Application Admins. There are also occurrences where a non-syr.edu account is unable to be added as a customer, due to an existing account record within Entra (Azure). For any user that is unable to be added as a customer, submit an email to help@syr.edu.