This document is for Project Administrators who need to add a new Agent into their project. Agents were called Consultants in the older version of Orange Tracker (OT). All Agents require a license to log into the main Orange Tracker system. This license is assigned by the OT administrative team. This is due to the limited licenses purchased. The OT team needs to verify all licensed users are part of a project team.

If you need to add an user as a Customer to create a ticket for them, please see this page: Orange Tracker Add a Customer

Request a license for an Agent

Project Administrators can send an email to with the following information:

  • Name of new user
  • Email of the new user

The user will still need to be added to the project/s where they will be an Agent. This can be done before or after the addition of the license.

Remove a license for an Agent

Project Administrators can remove the user from the project, but they will also need to email to requesting to remove the license from the user.