This document outlines how to communicate to Customers and Agents through the Comments section of Orange Tracker (OT). This document is intended for project Agents that need to create public and internal comments within a ticket.

To adjust customer notifications for your project, please see Orange Tracker Customer Notifications

Near the bottom of the issue is the Activity section. This houses all communications and ticket history for the one ticket. The default view will show the "Comments" tab, showing all public and internal comments. Internal Comments are shaded yellow and will display "Internal note" at the top of the comment.

Customer Communications

Communications to the customer typically happen with the Reply to Customer button in the Comments Tab of the Activity section near the bottom of the ticket.

Reply to the Customer

To communicate with the Reporter and everyone listed in the Request Participant field, click on the "Reply to Customer" link. This will open a comment box and allow you to write and format the message.

Adding a Request Participant

Request Participants do not require the user to have a role in the designated project, as they just simply need to be a Customer in Orange Tracker. Under the Standard Security scheme used across most Orange Tracker projects, Request Participants that do not have a minimum role of Observer will be directed to the portal view of the issue, even if they are Agents elsewhere across the site. 

The Request Participant field is used to add additional Reporter type users (colleagues, supervisors, student/parent, alternative recipients)  to view, comment on, and receive (customer) notifications about the ticket. This is the field to add additional customers to add value to the ticket, or just to follow along.

The users in the Request Participant field will receive the same Customer Notifications as the noted Issue Reporter. Request Participants without a role in the project will not receive Internal Comments. 

Anyone CC'ed in an email sent to the project will be added, automatically, as a Request Participant.

Customers and anyone with access to the service project (including Service Desk Agents) can add request participants from the request view in the Customer Portal or via email when they raise a request.

Agents can add request participants by sharing the request from its issue view or by adding them in the Request participants field in the issue view.

For more information about Request Participants, please see the Atlassian documentation: https://support.atlassian.com/jira-service-management-cloud/docs/what-are-request-participants/

Team Communications

Team Communications are called Internal Notes.

A user must have the Observer project role at a minimum to be a Watcher on an issue. They can still be assigned as a Watcher without a project role or the User role, but will not be able to interact with, view, or receive notifications regarding issues in that project. 

Adding a Watcher

The Watcher field is reserved for licensed Jira project members, like Agents. Watchers will receive the standard Jira Internal notifications and can interact with the ticket per the permissions set within the project.

To add a Watcher, select the 'eye' icon in the upper right-hand corner of the ticket. This will show you the current Watchers, allow you to add new ones, and remove existing ones if needed.

Create an Internal Note

Creating an internal note allows the team agents to communicate without impacting the Reporter or Request Participants. This means the Reporter or Request Participants (with only Customer access) will not see the note or receive any email about that note.

If the Reporter has an OT Agent license (User access), they will be able to see Internal Notes. By design, all Internal Notes can be viewed by all Agents.

To create an internal note, use the Comments tab under the Activity section of the issue and select Add Internal Note. This link will auto restrict the comment.